The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

We are currently on a "break," for no particular reason, and many little reasons - mostly pertaining to life circumstances. If anyone is interested in calling a meeting, feel free to post on the blog, join the google group (see link below) and send an email, or contact either Nancy (nancykj10@yahoo.com) or Jesse (schroeder.jesse@gmail.com) for more information.

To receive cohort emails, join our Google group.


2013 Christmas Party


Christmas Party

Sorry  for such short notice

It looks as though "the fates" are not allowing us to pull off the Cohort Christmas party tonight.


At this point we are pondering a reschedule as opposed to a total scrapping.

What say you?

Would you be able to join us in Reindeer Games next weekend?  If so Sat. or Sun. at 5:30?


love to all


A time for the cohort to gather and express thanks for God Almighty's action of incarnation and what it has meant in His redemptive process! Merry Christmas! 

The Miller's will host on Sunday December 15 at 5:30.

Meat and drinks will be provided.

Please advise here how many guests your contingent will total and if you will be bringing a side dish, snack or dessert to share. PLEASE RSVP BY THE 12TH

Per our tradition:

We will have a "bad/dirty Santa" gift exchange. Some say a $10 limit applies here if you need a guideline but no one is going to stand in the way of your generosity if you find that limit, um, ...limiting?

Next round of Male vs. Female Pictionary match will be played.



Community Night

Hello everyone -

Hope your Advent is off to a  good start. The calendar says I'm hosting a community night this Sunday evening, but I'll be speaking at an event out of town that weekend, so I'm wondering who would be available to meet Wednesday evening (Dec 11) instead. 5:30 or 6pm, whatever works as a balance between those of you with kids and getting off work.

I'll cook something light. Feel free to bring something if you'd like.

We'll do some catching up, and I'll try to track something Advent/waiting related for us to discuss.

Let me know how the day change works or if you have any ideas. Rides can be arranged.

Looking forward to seeing all who can attend!


Gathering 11.17.13

Hi everyone -

For our gathering this week, we will go to hear our friend Jacque speaking/preaching at Hilltop Lutheran Church this Sunday morning at 10am. The address is 12 South Terrace Avenue, Columbus, OH 43204. Dress and worship atmosphere is casual. If we know you are coming, we'll try to save a spot on the pew for ya! 


Good posts from Rob Bell

Rob bell has blogging on his tumblr almost daily for the past week - medium length posts going through biblical stories like Jonah, that include great quotes like this one- 

"The story is extremely subversive because it insists that 
your enemy may be more open to God’s redeeming love than you are."

If interested, read more here: http://robbellcom.tumblr.com/ 


Cousin Baby Blessing

This coming Sunday at 4:30pm we will get together at the Orban and Schroeder house at  1414 Hamlet St. Columbus, OH 43201.

We will be celebrating the pregnancies and coming births of Kellye, Jesse and Aleli's new baby girl and Eve and Zack's new baby boy.  Led by Mary and Scott and it will be a time of prayer and encouragement for these new lives and the transitions to come.  (Not a baby shower.)

Come with a good memory to share about your own parents and think about what it means to be a parent.  We will also have a potluck.  Please post to the blog if you can come and/or if you will bring something.

See you there!


No Film Night Tonight/Goodbye Party for Cohoons Saturday

I just realized that the faith, film, and philosophy night at our house was still on the calendar. We are actually not having it tonight.  The Cohoons goodbye party is tomorrow night at 8pm. Call or email Nikki for more details.
269 806-2436 Hope to see many of you there. The Cohoons will be greatly missed.

Warmly, Julia Orban


COTF @ Cohoons

This Sunday, the Cohoons will be hosting a celebration of the faithful at our house from 5-7 pm. With this being a time of transition or change for so many of us, we thought it would be nice to really just spend time enjoying this wonderful community we have, and share in communion and a meal. 

We look forward to a time of catching up, sharing, and enjoying one another's company around the dinner table. Please comment with what you would like to bring as a dish to share. We will plan on making a big pot of soup. If someone would like to bring communion items, let me know, or I can pick them up.

Email for directions.


Some interesting things

Hello everyone -

It was good to see a few of you yesterday at Global Gallery.

By request, here are a few items I've mentioned to a few of you lately.

Brene' Brown's TED talks and profile:

The You Made it Weird podcast interview of Rob Bell:

Yesterday a few of us discussed missing the conversation that used to happen more regularly through the blog and committed to putting more effort into that again.  So if you've got thoughts on any of these things, or another conversation you'd like to start, let us know!


Gathering on Oct 13

Hello, friends!

The calendar says we're meeting this Sunday from 4-6pm at Global Gallery / the park. There's a chance of rain, so I'm guessing the coffee shop is the safest bet, though I'm sure we can be flexible.

I was thinking about this video of Brene Brown, author of Daring Greatly and of TED talk fame, this week. I thought maybe we could start discussion here. It's a short video, but it touches on several issues so there are lots of potential jumping off points.

As always, if you've got something else on your mind, bring it along and speak up.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone after last week's hiatus.

Poetry & Costume Party


Community Night Sunday Sept. 29th at Eve and Zack's

Community Night his coming Sunday! Come share a meal and share what's been going on.  Its the beginning of fall and the saying goodbye to summer.  Come catch up with us and share some prayer time.  

We'll gather at 5:00 -7:00pm at our house, a.k.a. Chris and Julie's

1414 Hamlet St
Columbus, OH 43201

We'll do potluck style.  I'll make either a rigatoni bake or Mediterranean chicken. If you have a vote let me know!  

Also please let us know if you're coming and are bringing something in the comments.  Thanks.  Excited to see you there : )


Sunday Sept 22 Discussion

Hi friends - 

On Sunday Sept 22 we will gather at Jesse & Kellye's house in Grove City to watch and discuss the recent podcast/interview between Krista Tippett and Nadia Bolz-Weber. You can preview this interview at www.onbeing.org

We will meet from about 4-6pm. We won't share a full meal, but if you want to bring snacks, cookies, or a drink to share, no one will turn you away :) 

Looking forward to seeing everyone! This podcast is very interesting and will spark some great conversation I'm sure. See ya tomorrow!

-- Jesse

(557.5768 text/call if you need more info)

Our address:

2406 Altenburg Ct. 
Grove City, OH 43123


Celebration! & Upcoming Discussion

Hi friends -

This Sunday, Sept. 15, at 4pm, we will CELEBRATE with Nancy at her new condo! We will gather there (or in the clubhouse) and share stories, food, and the Lord's Supper. Everyone is welcome, and please bring a drink, dish or dessert to share. A google map to her new condo (Dublin area) is here.

As always, EVERYONE is welcome! Hope to see you there!

looking ahead a week.....

Next Sunday (Sept 22nd), we plan to discuss the recent podcast interview that was published at OnBeing.org, with Nadia Bolz-Weber. You can download the audio, or watch the video here

I know not everyone has smartphone capability to listen to the interview, so if you would like an audio CD, just send me an email (schroeder.jesse@gmail) or text this weekend and I'll bring one to Nancy's house for you.


Planning Meeting - Sun Sept 8

Hi fellow Cohortions - 

Just an invitation and reminder about our upcoming "planning meeting." (This Sunday, 4pm, at Global Gallery 3535 N High

We have never been a group known for highly creative names (who remembers "Super Fun Nights???") but we we call it what it is: A meeting to plan - What we will do - Where we'll gather - And when we think it might happen (thankfully its easy to edit Google calendar!) 

Perhaps you are a recent attendee to our gatherings. Maybe you've been with the group for years. Either way, we all come together and share our ideas, bring what we have to the table (or calendar), offer our time and our homes and our resources, for the purpose of being a community of Emergence. 


In preparation, I would invite you to consider:

- where are you in your life, in your heart? what do you bring to the cohort? maybe the answer is fullness, or emptiness, or most likely something in between. but we each bring something unique. 

- what gatherings have we done before that were especially a blessing to you? maybe we should do more of that, whatever that was. 

- do you have an idea for something new? a topic, a book, a writer, a guest speaker, an activity? Many of the things we do, were born out of our own creative chance. 

- on a more practical level, are you willing to host or lead a gathering? if so, what day? Lets put it on the calendar! 

As always, it'll be a blessing to see everyone, and hopefully plan some exciting gatherings and activities for the coming season. 

If you can't make it, feel free to respond to this email with any thoughts or ideas you have, and any days you would like to lead or host a gathering. 



Campout @ Hamilton's


This Saturday, Aug 24th, we are having a grill-out/campout @ the Hamilton's.   We are planning on fixing a variety of meats by open fire.  We will also provide some drinks -- tea, lemonade, water, coffee, beer and wine -- are staples in our house -- if you prefer soda and/or liquor you'll need to bring it.  

Anyone is welcome to come.  Bring along your lawn chairs, to commune around the campfire, and tents if you plan to stay the night.  We will eat around 6pm.  You can show up anytime Saturday afternoon.  Also we have a variety of herbs and spices so if you bring an empty container you could go home with some fresh basil, parsley, chives, oregano, or mint.

If your not real comfortable sleeping out in the elements there are a couple extra beds and lots of floor space to accommodate.  A sleeping bag, blanket, and pillow would be handy items to bring along with you, in that case.

Bring along something to share -- a story for the campfire, a food item, or a beverage -- any or all are necessities for a night under the stars.  If you want to post what you are bringing it would be helpful for the others to know what to expect.

If you need an address, directions, or have questions, you can text or call me on my cel 937 303-3362.

Hope to see you.  

The Hamilton Clan


Orban's House Blessing!!

Hi everyone -

We have an exciting gathering planned for this Sunday evening (8/18) at 6pm - a house blessing for Chris and Julia Orban! As many of you know, it has taken several months for the house to be completed, for all the paperwork to go through the proper hands, and for the Orbans to be able to move it. But now, they have a great new house in the heart of Weinland Park, and we want to take the time to bless the space and the family that will together make the house a home.

Please join us at 6pm, at 1414 Hamlet St, and we will join together to bless the Orban home.

Plan to eat dinner before or after the gathering, but if you are able, also plan to bring a small snack, dessert or drink to share. We will have a "light" potluck (chips, drinks, cookies, or whatever we bring) after the house blessing.

Hope to see everyone there! If you have questions or need more info, feel free to email Jesse - schroeder.jesse@gmail.com


This Sunday: Discussion

Hi everyone - this Sunday, Aug 11, from 4-6pm we will have an open discussion. We will meet at the Global Gallery at 3535 N High St. The topics for discussion may, and most likely will, wander on to various matters of spirituality and life, including church, prayer, etc. We will hopefully have some new folks join us, so we may spend most of our time just sharing backgrounds and experiences of church and religion. 

As always, everyone is welcome! If you need more info, email Jesse : schroeder.jesse - at- gmail.com 


Dying in the Dessert of no gatherings.

This summer has been a real dry spell for having our regular gatherings.  I will sure be glad when we get back to a regular schedule. 

I just wanted to take a moment to thank those who have been willing to pick me up for the meetings.  It's hard not having a car, but that is simply not in the budget right now.  Hopefully in the future.

As most of you know, I really love coffee.  If you want to give me a shout to meet at a coffee shop near High St., I'd really be glad to meet you there.  I am unashamedly putting this out here in hopes of having opportunities to see you all.  If I have your cell numbers I'll test my new land line to you before I turn of the cell.  I never talk to anyone out of the house anyway, so it see kind of useless to have it. 

My great great grandmother was Jewish, so it's in my genes to try to do guilt trips.  I'm also Catholic but that's not genetic, so I don't know how well that will work.  Mostly, I just want to see you guys.

Peace and All Good,
Br. Curt

"Goodbye Columbus"

In an attempt to accentuate the positive we are going to party because Nick and Becky are leaving! 

(hmmm, that doesn't quite come across as intended does it?)

Life happens:  Sad but true one of the founders of the cohort is going to vamoose.  We wish it wasn't true on one hand, but fully understand and are excited for them on the other...ah, paradox, why are we surprised when you pop up?!

Please join us for a

"Send off Shin-Dig" 

Sat. July 27 at 6pm 

179 Bridgeport Way, Delaware, OH 43015

to  wish Nick and Becky well as they venture forth into their unfolding  life voyage together.  We will of course center this event around a casual meal.  To that end please RSVP in the comments how many will attend and what you may bring to accompany PIZZA (which we will order locally) and STROMBOLI (which will be made in house).

Everyone is invited to join us.  If you've never attended and are curious about the COEC this will be an excellent opportunity to come and experience a taste of the community we endeavor to be and share. 


Celebration of the Faithful : 7/7/13

Hello everyone -

This Sunday, July 7th, we will have a Celebration of the Faithful from 5-7pm at the Schroeder's house in Grove City. This will be a time for everyone to gather, read Scripture, enjoy music, share reflections, pray, and break bread (both communion, and eating dinner!)

As always, everyone is welcome to join - old friends and newcomers. We will have a potluck dinner, with the main dish being "barbeque muffins" which is one of Kellye's classics. Side dishes, fruit and veggies, desserts, and adult beverages would all compliment well.

As a theme verse, I considered the story of Jesus' Ascension into heaven. I've been thinking a lot lately about losing people before I'm ready, and that story came to mind. We'll see where it takes us.

Please post if you will be joining us, and what you will be bringing. Thanks friends - hope to see you Sunday!

Jesse (email schroeder.jesse - at - gmail.com if you need more info, like an address)


Summer Devils

Hello friends -

I lament that this summer is such a busy time of comings and goings that our meeting together as a group has become more rare. You are all very much in my thoughts and prayers throughout the week, and if I am willing to slow down enough, I am often finding time to meet with many of you in the unique place-and-time that we happen to find ourselves in that day.

I don't want to let this season go by without sharing, connecting, and growing together - emerging.

About a month ago I heard a challenging interview with a poet, whom I have now come to greatly enjoy her work - Marie Howe. There was much in the interview that I enjoyed, and I shared it with more than a few of you and we have been talking about it since. But one particular section I thought I would share on the blog.

She read a poem called "Magdalene - The Seven Devils." It is based upon the character of Mary Magdalene, which it is recorded in Luke "from whom seven devils had been cast out."

I find the poem to be an arresting description of the struggle of modern life - the worries, the insecurities, the rush and the constant pull away from what I really love and what really matters.

Richard Rohr, commenting on the story of Jesus being tempted by Satan in the wilderness, writes, "We all have to start from the assumption that our path too leads into the wilderness and that we have to look exactly the same three demons in the eye: the need to be successful, the need to be righteous or religious, and the need to have power and get everything under control."

These demons are common; they are subtle; and they are powerful. My prayer is that I find small, real practical ways to confront the demons within myself during these summer months - as we are apart and as we are together.

You can listen to the author read the poem using the app below, and I have copied the poem underneath it.

Blessings friends.

"Mary, called Magdalene, from whom seven devils had been cast out" —Luke 8:2.
The first was that I was very busy.

The second — I was different from you: whatever happened to you could
not happen to me, not like that.
The third — I worried.

The fourth — envy, disguised as compassion.

The fifth was that I refused to consider the quality of life of the aphid,

The aphid disgusted me. But I couldn't stop thinking about it.

The mosquito too — its face. And the ant — its bifurcated body.
Ok the first was that I was so busy.

The second that I might make the wrong choice,

because I had decided to take that plane that day,

that flight, before noon, so as to arrive early

and, I shouldn't have wanted that.

The third was that if I walked past the certain place on the street

the house would blow up.

The fourth was that I was made of guts and blood with a thin layer

of skin lightly thrown over the whole thing.
The fifth was that the dead seemed more alive to me than the living
The sixth — if I touched my right arm I had to touch my left arm, and if I

touched the left arm a little harder than I'd first touched the right then I


to retouch the left and then touch the right again so it would be even.
The seventh — I knew I was breathing the expelled breath of everything that

was alive and I couldn't stand it,
I wanted a sieve, a mask, a, I hate this word — cheesecloth —

to breath through that would trap it — whatever was inside everyone else that

entered me when I breathed in
No. That was the first one.
The second was that I was so busy. I had no time. How had this happened?

How had our lives gotten like this?
The third was that I couldn't eat food if I really saw it — distinct, separate

from me in a bowl or on a plate.
Ok. The first was that I could never get to the end of the list.
The second was that the laundry was never finally done.
The third was that no one knew me, although they thought they did.

And that if people thought of me as little as I thought of them then what was

The fourth was I didn't belong to anyone. I wouldn't allow myself to belong

to anyone.
The fifth was that I knew none of us could ever know what we didn't know.
The sixth was that I projected onto others what I myself was feeling.
The seventh was the way my mother looked when she was dying—her mouth wrenched into an O so as to take in as much air…
The sound she made — the gurgling sound — so loud we had to speak louder 
to hear each other over it.
And that I couldn't stop hearing it—years later—

grocery shopping, crossing the street —
No, not the sound — it was her body's hunger

finally evident.
—what our mother had hidden all her life.
For months I dreamt of knucklebones and roots,

the slabs of sidewalk pushed up like crooked teeth by what grew underneath.
The underneath —that was the first devil.
It was always with me.

And that I didn't think you — if I told you — would understand any of this —
Copyright © 2008 by Marie Howe. Used with the permission of the author.


Time of Prayer

Hi everyone - 

This weekend, Kellye and I would like to open our home to anyone who would want to come for a time of prayer. Nothing specific, just a chance to share what's going on, and have the group respond with affirmation and prayers, as we feel led. 

We will gather at 3:30 on Sunday April 28 at our house in Grove City. No need to bring any food - we'll try to finish up before dinner. 

Hope to see everyone! If you can't make it, and have a situation going on that you'd like us to pray for, please email me or Kellye and we'll be sure to mention it when we gather. 



Cohort Anniversary Party

This Saturday, April 20th, we will celebrate the 6-year anniversary of our strange little group. It is quite likely that some regular attendees will be leaving Columbus in the next few months, so this is also a time to simply enjoy each other's company.

I will host the event at 299 E. 9th Ave. Post ideas in the comment section for the event. A few questions - do we make it a potluck, or just snacks and drinks? Is 5:00 a good start time? What would you like to do to celebrate? A few ideas I had - dramatic readings of past blog posts, skyping with some people who no longer live in Columbus, board games.

Share your thoughts!


Labyrinth Cancelled

Unfortunately because this is a busy weekend for many, we are going to have to cancel the planned meeting for this week.  Next week is the cohort anniversary party, so you can post ideas for the party and let us know if you are coming.


Lent Check-in/Community Night

This Sunday, April 7, 2013 we are scheduled to meet for Community night at Jesse and Kellye's house in Grove City from 5:00-7:00 p.m.

This particular community night is an opportunity to check in regarding the challenge we participated in during the Season of Lent.
So we will definitely spend time checking in, but for now, ponder this:
You just experienced death and resurrection.
          What has changed?

Sloppy joes (made with turkey meat, black beans and onions/peppers) and buns will be provided. PLEASE post by Saturday AM (at the latest) if you are planning to come (or not) and what side you will be bringing to share. 

Email Jesse if you need directions: schroeder.jesse@gmail.com


Seder Saturday

Next Saturday, we will gather at 4pm at the Cohoons for a passover seder and potluck dinner. For planning purposes, please comment on the blog stating if you are coming and if you will be bringing any guests, as well as what you can bring. Pasted below are the elements of the seder dinner (from Wikipedia):

  • Maror and Chazeret: Two types of bitter herbs, symbolizing the bitterness and harshness of the slavery which the Jews endured in Ancient Egypt. For maror, many people use freshly grated horseradish or whole horseradish root. Chazeret is typically romaine lettuce, whose roots are bitter-tasting. Either the horseradish or romaine lettuce may be eaten in fulfillment of the mitzvah of eating bitter herbs during the Seder.
  • Charoset: A sweet, brown, pebbly paste of fruits and nuts, representing the mortar used by the Jewish slaves to build the storehouses of Egypt.
  • Karpas: A vegetable other than bitter herbs, usually parsley but sometimes something such as celery or cooked potato, which is dipped into salt water (Ashkenazi custom), vinegar (Sephardi custom), or charoset (older custom, still common amongst Yemenite Jews) at the beginning of the Seder.
  • Zeroa: A roasted lamb or goat bone, symbolizing the korban Pesach (Pesach sacrifice), which was a lamb offered in the Temple in Jerusalem and was then roasted and eaten as part of the meal on Seder night.
  • Beitzah: A hard boiled egg, symbolizing the korban chagigah (festival sacrifice) that was offered in the Temple in Jerusalem and was then eaten as part of the meal on Seder night.

Seder signup:

Maror and/or Chazeret: Nikki/Ian
Charoset: Newbys
Karpas: Nikki/Ian
Beitzah: Nikki/Ian

Matzah crackers: Nikki/Ian
Wine for seder: Nick

Keep in mind, we will probably have 2-3 seder plates, though we will only need enough of each thing for "ceremonial" tasting. 

For dinner, we will be making a matzo ball soup of some variation, deviled eggs, and I found a fun recipe for chocolate covered matzah crackerswith pistachios   and other goodies. 

I can arrange/find the Haggadah, but I did want to share this website I heard about on NPR: haggadot.com. It allows you to compile a Haggadah that is traditional or modern, a mix, etc. It can be very politically focused, or created especially for interfaith groupings, and it is sort of a Wiki that many people contribute text, video clips, and various elements. I thought it seemed a very cohort way to go about it, since we went a more traditional route last year. Thoughts? If anyone checks out the website and likes certain elements, you can send them to me, or if we want to go really hive mind, I've created an account using my email and the password "cohort13." I can act as the editor to keep it from getting too unwieldy. Too complicated or does it sound interesting?

Hope to see everyone Saturday!



Hi all,  many among us will be out of town this weekend and the Newbys have a lot on their plate and cannot host, so we are going to go ahead and cancel this weeks gathering.  It is Palm Sunday.  Consider finding a nice faith community to attend and wave some palms.  Or stay at home and read or pray or meditate.  Whatever you do, I hope you have an enriching holy week.  We will gather on Saturday for our Seder/Passover meal.  We will be posting directions and requests for items soon.


Community Night at Miller's

March 17    4-6pm 

179 Bridgeport Way, Delaware, OH 43015

Please join us as we share a meal and share updates from our personal journeys in an effort to enhance our sense of community.

Meal:  We will provide the main entree which in honor of St. Patrick's Day will have a Irish connection of some sort.

Please RSVP and inform us as to which sides, snacks or desserts you will be able to contribute.

We will share communion.

Hope everyone will be able to make it!


Sunday March 10th Gathering

Hi everyone -

This Sunday March 10 we will gather at 3pm at the Schroeder's house in Grove City Nancy's House in German Village for an open and friendly discussion. The topic is from the Animate : Faith series, entitled "Cross: Where God Is." The speaker is Nadia Bolz-Weber, a tatted Lutheran pastor of an Emergent church in Denver.

Here is a sample:

Since the topic is about the cross, I thought it could be interesting if everyone brought a cross that they own personally. I know that in our house, I could find at least 10 - from wall hangings, to jewelry, to artwork - crosses are all around us. And sometimes they hold significance. So bring one or two of your personal crosses to share. How does the image, icon and idea of the cross impact your every day life?

As always, everyone is welcome! We'll try to have some snacks and coffee, but feel free to bring drinks or a light snack to share!

If you need directions or more info, you can email me (Jesse) at schroeder.jesse@gmail.com


Dinner & Discussion

Hey guys, this week we are meeting at the Hamilton's.  For dinner we are going to have a taco bar.  We will provide the fixings for tacos (an assortment of meat & beans plus toppings and shells) and we will have a few drinks, please comment or reply if you plan to bring something to share.

For discussion, I'm actually going to dust off my bible and share one of my favorite old testament stories and make a few comparisons to a Malcolm Gladwell book I recently reread (Blink).

To make the discussion a little more interesting, I would like for you guys to take a short online test that Gladwell wrote about in his book.  If you have a tablet use this link;

PC users use this link;

If you take it on a PC you can sign on as a guest and select the Race IAT.  It only takes 5-10 minutes to complete.  You will receive a one sentence assessment at the end of the test.

We'll start with the discussion at 5:00.  If you have any questions post on blog or reply.  Call or text for my address if you need it.  

Thanks, hope to see you.



Book Discussion Here If You Need Me

Here If You Need Me
Here If You Need Me
A True Story
by Kate Braestrup
Published in Aug 2007,

Here If You Need Me

Ten years ago, Kate Braestrup and her husband Drew were enjoying the life they shared together. They had four young children, and Drew, a Maine state trooper, would soon begin training to become a minister as well. Then early one morning Drew left for work and everything changed. On the very roads that he protected every day, an oncoming driver lost control, and Kate lost her husband.

Stunned and grieving, Kate decided to continue her husband's dream and became a minister herself. And in that capacity she found a most unusual mission: serving as the minister on search and rescue missions in the Maine woods, giving comfort to people whose loved ones are missing, and to the wardens who sometimes have to deal with awful outcomes. Whether she is with the parents of a 6-year-old girl who had wandered into the woods, with wardens as they search for a snowmobile rider trapped under the ice, or assisting a man whose sister left an infant seat and a suicide note in her car by the side of the road, Braestrup provides solace, understanding, and spiritual guidance when it's needed most.

To be honest, I don’t usually read these types of books.  Tragic stories of the lost, missing or victims are painful to enter into and the stories become memories.  But this book shifted something in me.  It made a difference about what I think happens when we suffer and about what I can change when someone else suffers. 

Please read for our book discussion on February 24 at Global Gallery in Clintonville. We will begin around 3:00 and end at 5:00.  I’m looking forward to talking to everyone about it




The Lent Season begins.

Remember that long ago temptation in the desert

words not crafted to deceive, 

just simple observations




But not so different from Eden

            Be god without God

In an effort to be with God I offer four areas to move us towards awareness, intention and accountability.  You can focus on one or two or do all.

1.       Choose Acts of Service

2.      Spend time reading Scripture

3.      Develop relationships

4.      Choose to be still

In six weeks we will offer an evening to discuss what you choose and how it went.

If you would like further details or have questions, feel free to email me.  Nancykj10@yahoo.com




Ash Wednesday

If you are interested in doing Ash Wednesday together, we will be meeting at Tommy's Pizza at 5:30pm (or whenever you can get there from work) and we will walk or drive to St. Stephen's Episcopal Church for the Ash Wednesday service, which starts at 7:00pm. If you are planning on coming it would be helpful if you post so we'll know approx. how large of a table we will need (but come on, even if it's a last minute decision).

Update: We will not be meeting for dinner. We will meet at St. Stephen's at 6:45PM.

Long Weekend in Hocking Hills

I double checked at the site and found that my memory of cabin costs were high.  They run in the approximate $110.00 to $120.00 range.  Availability is more open that it was when I last looked, so if we act soon we wil have a very broad choice.

I've been looking into our renting a couple of cabins in the Hocking Hills so hat the Cohort can spend some good long time together.  One of the reasons being that we are going to be having to say "Goodbye" to some of our long-time members.  It is evident that Adam and Kara and Nick will be findig new lives in other parts of the country, or even the world.  Selfishly, I want them to stay here, but I realize that I must let go and let God. 

Another reason for such a weekend would be to help us solidify and deepen our relationships so that we can grow in countless ways. 

I need to fix some dates and need to know soon, or we won't have any bookings available.  I was thinking about June 7-10.  If we have enough folks coming, it will costs us all a very reasonable amount.  The cabins are about $190.00 per night.  They can sleep six people.  (Two bedrooms and a convertable sofa.)  I am looking into the possibility of pitching tents by the cabins.  I don't mind paying a portion of the costs of the cabin.  I would prefer the privacy of my own tent because I never know for sure when and if I will be able to sleep.  It would be nice to have the bathroom and kitchen available, plus a solid roof in case it rains hard.  (Seems that whenever one plans a weekend such as this, the rain angels like to play with us.) 

Any earlier than the dates mentioned will be difficult to accomplish.  We might be able to get later dates but the cabins won't be next to each other as things stand.  So, we need to set a date and the will mean everyone telling me when would be good for them.  These are always so difficult to arrange because our lives are very different in many ways.  I'm free most of the time, so as long as I have someone to drive me, I can be there.  So, I am going to leave it up to the rest of you.  Julia suggested even going for a longer time so that people would have the opportunity to come when they can and leave with time requires it.  This could get very expensive if we rent two cabins.  We might need to consider one cabin with a couple of tents pitched round-about, so to speak. 

Here's the webpage of the cabin site map.  http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/Portals/2/parkmaps/hockinghillscottagemap.pdf

Hocking Hills webpage  http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/parks/parks/hocking/tabid/743/Default.aspx

The best availability is non-smoking and no pets.  Take a look and see what you think.  My head spins when I look at this stuff. 

Please post your ideas as soon as possible.

Br. Curt


Follow Me

What does it mean to follow a man
who is going to ask you to give up everything
What does it mean to follow a man
who is going to challenge you to love at all costs
What does it mean to follow a man
who was afraid, who was wounded
What does it mean to follow a man
who was God

What does it mean for me to follow Jesus? Does it make a difference? What is supposed to happen? Does my life change? Do I care or do I think this question is unnecessary and superficial? Has it been asked too often or not often enough?
This Sunday evening we will discuss those questions and I will offer ideas around awareness, intention and accountability.
Kara and Adam Newby are hosting 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Please feel free to email for directions and respond with comment on whether you would like to bring food to share.


Gathering at the Art Museum

Hi everyone -

We'll meet at the Columbus Museum of Art on Sunday Feb. 3rd, from 3-5pm. We can meet up in the lobby by the main entrance off of the parking lot, and then disperse through the museum as our interests and eyes lead us. Around 4:15 or so, let's plan to meet back in the same lobby for a discussion about what pieces struck our interest and to share our most insightful artistic interpretations (or not....)

If you want to do your research ahead of time, here is a Columbus Dispatch article about on of the current exhibitions: "Mark Rothko: The Decisive Decade." Also, you can look forward to this...

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


**UPDATE** Sunday Jan 27th

Hi everyone -

We found out last minute that Brian McLaren is in Columbus this weekend, and we figured this would be a great gathering for the cohort. Therefore, no afternoon gathering at the Schroeder's house. Instead, please see the information below regarding McLaren speaking at Broad St. Presbyterian Church.

It seems that several people will be definitely be attending the 11:00am service, and a few might also attend the 9:45 session in between services.

January 27, 2013
"The Commonwealth of God and a Colony of Caesar"
Rev. Brian McLaren
8:45 a.m. Worship
11:00 a.m. Worship

9:45 a.m.: Brian McLaren

Childcare Available


COTF, Jan. 20

Hello everyone,

This Sunday, the 20th at 5:00, there will be a Celebration of the Faithful at my house. It will be a service of some kind, followed by a potluck. As always, I'll post on the blog and please write what you are going to contribute.

Regarding the service - I don't have much of an idea yet, and I've got a couple big applications due next week, so I'm a little short on time. I can definitely do something, but I thought I would throw it out there and see if anyone wanted to run the service part? If you've got an idea send me a message and we'll figure it out.

Have a good week and hopefully I'll see you all this weekend!



Sunday January 6 Gathering

It is the new year, so time for a new gathering! We will be meeting at the Schroeder's house on Sunday, January 6th at 3pm. We'll probably take the first hour or so to catch up, share holiday stories, and just chat. Then we will watch the next episode of the Animate: Faith DVD series. This episode is by Shane Hipps and is entitled "Salvation: Abundant Life Now" -

Hope to see everyone! If you need more info or directions feel free to email Jesse (schroeder.jesse@gmail.com)