The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

We are currently on a "break," for no particular reason, and many little reasons - mostly pertaining to life circumstances. If anyone is interested in calling a meeting, feel free to post on the blog, join the google group (see link below) and send an email, or contact either Nancy (nancykj10@yahoo.com) or Jesse (schroeder.jesse@gmail.com) for more information.

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Discussion this Sunday

This Sunday (Jan. 3rd) we will meet at 3pm at the Global Gallery in Clintonville to have another discussion about the book, "Free for All." It has been well over a month since our last discussion about the book, so I suggest we pick up where we left off, in chapters 2 and 3.

In the second chapter, the authors give a brief recap of how the Bible has been used and interpreted by Christians in the 20th century. There are several key points of useful information, as well as clear statements demonstrating how the authors think the Bible should be read and used by a faith community.

If every one reads or re-reads these two chapters (pgs. 43-80), I think we will have plenty to discuss and catch up for a discussion Sunday afternoon.

As always, anyone is welcome to join the discussion, whether you have read the book or not. Also, if it will be your first time joining, we are excited to meet you! If you have any questions, feel free to email schroeder.jesse@gmail.com for clarification.

Identity of God's People

So it's that time warp thingy between Christmas and New Years. Some people working others not so much, still others traveling and such. Kinda hard to maintain the usual routines ya know? For me, my sister who lives out of state always visits her home state (OH) during this time. Because they have so many people to visit we wont get together until the 1st. That's when we will do our "Christmas" with them, it tends to work out that way every year. So even though Christmas is over I'm still endeavoring to keep my Christmas mojo rolling through this week. Still listening to Christmas carols on the i-pod, trying to stretch out the cookies etc. I said all that to justify what I want to bring up...I found this TODAY while reading a Christmas post from last week.

It’s the very first verse of Scripture’s Second Testament. And it picks up — majestically, beautifully — right where the First Testament left off, providing the genealogy of “Jesus the Messiah, the son of David, the son of Abraham.”

The rest of Matthew’s gospel and the whole of the Second Testament rests on this opening line. A Messiah has arrived, and this Messiah is the Son of David and the Seed of Abraham. He is the new Solomon, a rightful King for a Kingdom that, as explained by the prophet Nathan, will have no end. Unlike Solomon before him, this new King will lead Israel forward in their true identity as God’s people — to spread God’s favor to the nations, extending their blessing and fulfilling their covenant relationship with God inaugurated in Abraham.

A blessing to the nations. A Kingdom that has no end. Such significance in that very first verse of Matthew’s gospel.

Merry Christmas.


So what say you? I'm specifically asking about the take on "their true identity as God's people"...do you think the description of that identity given here is applicable to us/you?

I'm not sure how I feel...

Perhaps someone will say something that will help me gain clarity.

I hope you are all still "making merry":)


Next Sunday

We had a Jesus Study planned for next week, but a lot of people will be gone or busy because of the Christmas season. If a few people are still interested in getting together for a Jesus Study please put a comment. Eve and I would still be happy to host it.

If you have a specific section of scripture you would like to read than you can post that too otherwise I was thinking we would re-read the Christmas story again or just starting a gospel to work through.

The other option would be to do another "intentional day/week of blogging" in hopes we could reconnect with some cohortians who have moved away or we haven't heard from in a while.

Or we could do both?

It's already a bit late in the week for planning sorry, but let me know.

UPDATE: Sunday Dec. 20th no cohort meeting
It's the holidays, and we could all use some extra time with our families! Our Next meeting is Jan 3rd at Global Gallery


The Christmas Story (The Best Part)

Last Sunday we had a wonderful time of worship and celebration at Adam and Kara’s home. It was based on Advent and we discussed not only the time of waiting, but explored the Christmas story asking the question, “What is your favorite part?”

From wondering how Mary must have felt as she was ridiculed and shamed to the emotions of Joseph, we discussed several different pieces of the story. Andrew even said that he would have loved to have been a shepherd that night.

As I sat there and listened, I realized this was one more story that I was no longer certain about. And I thought to myself... “What makes this story true instead of a myth?”

(To be honest, I will tell you I’m weary of asking the “Is this true?” question.)

Instead I want to ask:

“What am I doing to radically immerse myself in this story so that something extraordinary may come?”

In that long ago Christmas story, they were waiting for a real, live Messiah to come and literally rescue them from yet another oppressive rule—to save them from their circumstances. They wanted miracles and a happy ending.

And thinking about that, I realized how many times I too have waited to be rescued from my oppressive circumstances. I am happy ever after girl longing for fairy tale endings, wanting magic and miracles too.

I haven’t lost that happy ever after girl who believes in miracles. It’s just that I know the incredible value that comes from embracing heartaches and loss—it is the combination of all that shapes, defines and carves my character into who I am fully with God.

That same Breath of Heaven that Mary received long ago is the same Breath of Heaven conceived in my heart, my mind and my soul giving birth to pain, heartache, hope, desire for a better life, empathy and a reason to love deeply.

So what is the best part of the Christmas story for me?

All of it!

P.S. Regarding whether I think the story is true--if God can take a bee and a flower and add it up to a tomato, a virgin birth would have to be easy breezy for Him. :)



12/13/2009 A.D.

4:00pm 4:00pm 4:00pm 4:00pm 4:00pm

179 Bridgeport Way, Delaware, OH 43015

Queen Mary is on a roll...she's got the elves hopping!

The Miller's will be providing:

MEAT - including crab cakes, chicken wings and Stromboli.
BEVERAGES - including, beer, soft drinks, some sort of special holiday concoction.

WHAT YOU MIGHT BRING (or the Queen's suggestion):

SALADS: Potato, Macaroni, Green Leaf, Relish tray
SIDES: HOT Vegetable dish ( broccoli or green bean etc), chips & salsa, cheese
and crackers

A beverage of your own liking (to share of course)




* GIFT EXCHANGE to be of the white elephant variety. Feel free to define "white elephant" however you please, haha!



Telling our Story?

The latest Emergent/C email newsletter linked to this post on the EV blog. Some selections:

"You have a story to tell. It’s probably a local story, the kind best told among friends over coffee on a winter day. Maybe it’s your community’s perspective, an unanticipated incandescence that brought your tribe some new Kingdom resolve. [Stories] can also be potentially profound to this, your family of friends and would-be-friends called Emergent Village. It’s no surprise that this village is also connected by—and centered around—the stories of the collective. What is surprising is how few stories filter up and lend their voices on the national and international scale. The Village is sustained by new stories, by new storytellers. Emergent|C hopes to bring your stories to the wider Village each month. Consider this your invitation to tell, retell, question, prod, report, critique, interpret or celebrate."

What is our unique story? It is worth asking, what is God doing amongst us? How are we transformed? How might our story help others in a unique way?

Could we discover our story together, and then tell it?


This Sunday- Celebration of the Faithful

This week we are having a Celebration of the Faithful, scheduled at the Newby home. Adam and I have some ideas- mostly around the idea of advent and the season- however, if any of you have any ideas and would like to do the celebration, please let us know. Also, as a reminder, with the Celebration we will have a a potluck-style meal. I have no idea about "theme" but post/comment if you are planning on being there and if you are planning on bringing anything and we can just coordinate that way. We have not had a COF in a while, so I'm really looking forward to this time together.