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Orban's House Blessing!!

Hi everyone -

We have an exciting gathering planned for this Sunday evening (8/18) at 6pm - a house blessing for Chris and Julia Orban! As many of you know, it has taken several months for the house to be completed, for all the paperwork to go through the proper hands, and for the Orbans to be able to move it. But now, they have a great new house in the heart of Weinland Park, and we want to take the time to bless the space and the family that will together make the house a home.

Please join us at 6pm, at 1414 Hamlet St, and we will join together to bless the Orban home.

Plan to eat dinner before or after the gathering, but if you are able, also plan to bring a small snack, dessert or drink to share. We will have a "light" potluck (chips, drinks, cookies, or whatever we bring) after the house blessing.

Hope to see everyone there! If you have questions or need more info, feel free to email Jesse - schroeder.jesse@gmail.com


Kellye said...

We will be there with some fruit and popcorn to share.

nikkita said...

We are coming, possibly with cookies if they turn out.

Scot said...

We won't be able to join you all :(
God bless you all.
Mary's got a trip lag/sore throat thing going on.