The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

We are currently on a "break," for no particular reason, and many little reasons - mostly pertaining to life circumstances. If anyone is interested in calling a meeting, feel free to post on the blog, join the google group (see link below) and send an email, or contact either Nancy (nancykj10@yahoo.com) or Jesse (schroeder.jesse@gmail.com) for more information.

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New Years Eve

Hey all, just wanted to give those interested a little more information on the New Year's Eve party.

Who: Anyone who has access to this blog or "belongs" to the cohort

Where: The home of Wayne and Ruth Ann Hamilton
19761 Powder Lick Rd, Raymond 43067 (about 10 miles north of Marysville)

When: Saturday, New Year's Eve, (12/31/11) 7pm

Why: To celebrate the new year over food, drink, cards, and games

How: My family will all arrive in automobiles. You may arrive in any style you feel comfortable with. Also,there will be plenty of children so don't bother with the sitter (Warning: My mother might "steal" any babies or small children as you walk in the door, but she will return them at the end of the evening). Pets are welcome as well, plenty of room to roam around on the property, and a few nooks to hide away inside the house and take a nap, if they so choose.

Fondue is on the menu. Cory and my sis will be in charge of that. Since my sis is involved the final menu probably wont be set until an hour before party is started (we are a family of procrastinators if you haven't already figured that out). I know there will be a cheese and a chocolate fondue, along with a fruit and veggie tray. Cory's planning on making an "adult" punch, there will also be, soda, beer, wine, and water to drink. If you want to make a finger food dish, by all means please do, but it is NOT a requirement. Also, there is a heated shop so if you have a tasty cigar you would like to fire up----that option is available as well.

If you want to RSVP (or you have a question) please do so by commenting. Hope to see ya.



Guest Blog Post: Volunteering During the Holidays

Melinda Carter contacted us and asked to be able to write a guest blog post. We were more than happy to oblige. Below is her post: 

Volunteering During the Holidays: Reflection and Giving in Columbus

As the holidays approach, there are always strong feelings of faith, love and family that seem to pervade the conversations throughout the season. In the central Ohio area, there is such rich pride taken in each city and home neighborhood for that matter. The winter season serves not only as the perfect time to celebrate the things mentioned above, but also is an excellent time to dedicate some extra resources towards volunteering, specifically with those that are homeless and underprivileged.
Taking part in chances for giving is certainly one of the most amazing opportunities during the winter time, especially with the numerous events in an area such as Columbus and other Central Ohio towns. There are also tons of great groups, churches and organizations that serve not only to give the homeless short term shelter, but also serve to fight for long term opportunities in Columbus apartments and homes for them as well. It is during the winter that food and shelter are two of the most valued things, what better way to celebrate the holidays than to help give the underprivileged the chance to have both during the season.
Those who would potentially volunteer their time have plenty of options, especially in an area such as Central Ohio where there are so many churches and organizations that serve to make a difference. Whether it’s donating simple food items or volunteering time that would be spent otherwise, every little bit helps when it comes to giving.
Having the chance to be around family also offers the opportunity to spread the message of giving during the holidays. Advocates of volunteering can help spread awareness on the importance of donating goods or services during the winter season.
Whether there’s an opportunity down at a Central Ohio church or through a community group, there are usually a constant stream of events going on that serve to help others during the holiday season. As the December carries on, a day or even a few hours of time spent lending a hand to the underprivileged can end up making a world of difference this winter.



Even though it has taken a couple days, my pride has mended. :) I see myself much more as a "conditional" dreamer (if "this" were different the outcome could be "this") than I do as a sore loser, but of course I am a biased participant. Seriously, I can't remember the last board game I played that I still held vivid memories of, this many days afterward. Why? Was it that I blindly walked into a "cutthroat" tradition, where some serious bragging rights were being defended, or that, certain competitive juices can only be bottled up for so long, or maybe it was, the "few" rule changes that occurred through the completion of just one game? I'm not sure which of those choices was more prevalent, but I will say I totally enjoyed myself! Bragging rights, competition, a game in which the rules can and will be changed, that's my cup of tea! Just by your gracious allowance of my active participation (albeit it, in my own egocentric way) I have now come to know a little more about cohort tradition, bragging rights, and this "process of becoming" a cohort pictionarian, (still a little skeptical on the rules part though). :)

I am extremely grateful to be part of a group who allows this "process of becoming" to those willing to actively participate. These ideas of "process", "becoming" and "participation" have been reoccurring ideas in my life recently. It seems like any book I pick up or any podcast I listen to has been shot through this lens of "process". I cant adequately define it, especially in theological terms, but let me say this, process is what we live in and through everyday. Our processes are what make us. Each of us has a story (the process) of our past from somewhere and understand we have a story (process) of future that will take us somewhere. What is it about our stories (processes) that brought us together; around a colorful square of cardboard, a few markers, a drawing board to communicate on, in a remote room, in a small town, on a given night?

I recently read a story of a Rabbi who was traveling that came upon a fork in the road. After careful directional consideration he decided which path he would take. At the end of this chosen path he came upon the castle of the ruling Queen in that particular territory. As he walked up to the gate, an armed centurion called out, "Who are you and why are you here?" The Rabbi pondered the question and answered back, "How much are you paid to ask that?" The centurion reply, " The Queen graciously gives me 10 denari a week for my services." The Rabbi chuckled and responded, "I'll give you 20 if you follow me around and ask me that same question everyday."

I think that in this season of advent (which means; coming, or arriving), it is most important to keep the centurion's question in the forefront of our minds. But not just that question, let's also keep the Rabbi's response close to it. Notice the Rabbi is asking for "everyday" participation. It's a great question, from the centurion, but it means nothing if its left behind and forgot about. The everyday question has to follow us through our processes. As active participants, we often crash into "cutthroat" traditions with competitive juices that are determined to change the rules, in order to distract us from our freedom to participate. This everyday question frees us from those distractions.

So, in that room, on that given night, was it just a game? Was it just another gathering in order to distract us from our chaotic lives of our individual dramas in pain, disagreement, separation, division, divorce, sickness, or the (dis)ease of our past? (At least in my case). I think not!

"Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people."....... Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with an angel, praising God and saying "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and good will toward mankind"

When God enters our world, angelic host proclaim it. When God participates he can't help but to leave behind peace. That's just what happens. Underneath (my) tradition, underneath (my) ego, underneath the (dis)ease of (my) past there IS peace. The season requires us to remember that arrival and to anticipate what it truly means to be. When God comes, peace will surely follow, but participation (being) is required.

By focusing on advent, my hope is to notice, a little more intently this year, how important active participation is. Even though it can be uncomfortable at times, even though the rules aren't always agreed upon, even if I don't get my way. The idea that God (through humanity in Jesus) would participate in this same journey of competitive traditions ---hellbent on distracting him--- in order to usher in peace for all--- this is something I can only grasp through a "participation process." The same way Jesus did.

I have only been apart of this group for a few months. When I started peace was something I didnt think much about, because I was to wrapped up in that (dis)ease of my past. It's only been through your friendships that the centurion's question was brought back in my mind. It's only been through your gifts of patience and acceptance that I've noticed the importance of the repetition of that question. These are great gifts to realize! Thank you all! Merry Christmas!

--Boys rule, Girls drool!----there's always next year pictionarians! (pretty obvious I live with a 1st grader)


COEC Christmas Party Sat. Dec. 10, 6:30 pm

The Millers
(hosts) will provide MEATS, DRINKS and TABLESERVICE.

Please RSVP by Dec. 8th and inform us if you will be bringing a side dish and or dessert. We will also need to know how many will be attending.

Gift Exchange: Optional - No parameters theme wise (ie: goofy/gag/serious/thoughtful)- $10 to $15 range if purchased -

Looking forward to lots of fun!

Address: 179 Bridgeport Way
Delaware, OH 43015