The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

We are currently on a "break," for no particular reason, and many little reasons - mostly pertaining to life circumstances. If anyone is interested in calling a meeting, feel free to post on the blog, join the google group (see link below) and send an email, or contact either Nancy (nancykj10@yahoo.com) or Jesse (schroeder.jesse@gmail.com) for more information.

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Memorial Day

This was printed in Sunday's bulletin from the church I grew up in and used to attend. My wife came home, much earlier than usual, (she has continued attending with the kids) noticeably irritated at her experience, in which she handed me her bulletin and said something along the lines of "Read this, you may understand why I'm home early."

Memorial Day

Do you remember---the REAL America?...
When riots were unthinkable....
When you left the front doors open...
When socialism was a dirty word...
When the flag was a sacred symbol...
When criminals actually went to jail...
When you weren't afraid to go out at night...
When taxes were only a necessary nuisance...
When a boy was a boy and dressed like one...
When the poor were too proud to take charity...
When the clergy actually talked about religion...
When clerks and repairmen tried to please you...
When songs had a tune and the words made sense...
When young fellows tried to join the Army or Navy...
When people knew what the 4th of July stood for...
When a Sunday drive was a pleasant trip, not an ordeal...
When you bragged about your hometown, and home state...
When everyone didn’t feel entitled to a college education...
When people expected less and valued what they had more....
When politicians proclaimed their patriotism, and meant it...
When everybody knew the difference between right and wrong...
When our government stood up for Americans, anywhere in the world...
When you knew the law would be enforced, and that your safety was protected...
When the law meant justice, and you felt a shiver of awe at the sight of a policeman...
When you weren’t embarrassed to say that this is the best country in the world...
When America was a land filled with brave, proud, confident, hard-working people....
When God was honored and revered as GOD!...
May God help us restore that STATE!

Is this what the rural "church" has come to?..... Why is it that young people are rejecting the church?..... And we act surprised?

Just wondered what you guys think. I have deep feelings for the people of this church, I've grown up with them, I've been taught by them. We've sang, danced, communed, dined, loved, laughed, cried, partied together. Is this truly the mindset of our "leaders", is this what all those years have come to? "......a boy was a boy and dressed like one", what's that mean?----Do you remember the REAL America?---Seriously?

Just questioning,



Fire Night- Sunday, June 5, 2011


Come enjoy a time of relaxation and reflection at the Schroeders' house (2406 Altenburg Ct. Grove City, OH 43123) from 8-10pm around the fire pit on Sunday, June 5th.

We will have s'mores to share, but feel free to bring anything else you want to roast for yourself or drink.

Looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday evening! Post if you plan to make it.


Film Discussion

So,the vote is in and it looks like we will be watching Winter's Bone and discussing.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Nick's house!

Julia (937) 572-2751


This Weekend's Gathering

This weekend we will be watching a film and having a discussion. We will meet at 7:15pm, Saturday night, at Jon Eade's house in Hilliard. We will have some drinks and snacks, but eat dinner before you come.

Change in venue: We will be meeting at Nick's house.

We are still deciding what movie to watch, but the possibilities are:

  • "Of God's and Men" (We'll watch this later, once it's out on DVD)
  • "The Mission"
  • "Heaven"
  • "Winter's Bone"
  • "127 Hours"
  • "The King's Speech"
We are working on getting "Of God's and Men" in a format that will have subtitles. If that doesn't work, we may choose one of the other options. We will watch the film, and then have an open discussion about any issues that come out of the movie. 

Hope to see everyone there! If you have questions or need directions, email Jesse at schroeder.jesse@gmail.com or text/call 614-557-5768


Local Reading Group Invitation

I received the following invitation through an email and thought I would share it with the group:

Where/When: Beginning Tuesday, 5/24, 7 pm 
What: A 12-week summer reading group discussing Marcus Borg's The Heart of Christianity: Rediscovering a Life of Faith. 
Who: The group is open to all. In fact, the purpose of the group is better served the more diversity of opinion exists. We will be discussing "core" issues within Christianity. The book may be found on Amazon.com ($9), bookstores, or at the Westerville Library.  


The meetings will happen in a home, and if you are interested in going, you can email me and I'll send you the address (didn't want to post it online w/out permission). 

Jesse (schroeder.jesse@gmail.com) 


Discussion: Death of Osama bin Laden

Tomorrow we will meet at 3:00PM at the Whetstone Branch Columbus Metro Library in Clintonville for a discussion about the U.S. killing Osama bin Laden. Please feel free to share your thoughts about this matter whether they be definitive or conflicted. We have the meeting room until the library closes at 5:00PM.




This came in "MINemergent" daily email today. Some others of you might get it, but if not, I thought it went along with our discussion from last night very well (which was wonderful Adam! Thank you again)

Re-CreationGod is never finished with creation, and God is never finished with us. We are constantly being re-created and we are invited to join God as co-re-creators of the world.  This re-creation happens in our attitudes and spirits as much as in the physical world.  We re-create when we replace hate with love, hurt with healing, despair for hope.  Our prayers beckons re-creation. We join this re-creation as we ask God do anew in us what God has done throughout the centuries. We pray for sight returned, babies born, lives revived.  We seek mercy unmasked, love unimpeded, and faith remade.  We join with all creation in seeking re-creation. For we know that all creation has been groaning for remaking right up to the present time.  And even we groan to be released from pain and suffering. We wait for God to give us our full life as children, including renewed bodies; we eagerly look forward to this freedom. Doug PagittBody Prayer


Sunday May 15th, Celebration of the Faithful

This Sunday, May 15, we will meet at Nick house (1270 Courtland Ave.) for a Celebration of the Faithful at 5:00PM. Since it is Spring, we will spend some time meditating and discussing Creation, specifically the wonders of Spring and emergence of life that comes with it. Until then, open your eyes to the emergence of nature happening all around you. How do you view the relationship between creation and God? Does nature even cause you to think about God? Do we take it for granted? How well do you understand or appreciate the basics of flowers, seeds, plant dormancy, and the plant and animal life all around us?

We will have a meal, potluck style, either pre- or post- discussion. Please post if you are coming and

what you are planning on bringing.


Trash Pick Up

Let's clean up Mother Earth for Mother's Day!
We are breaking from our routine this Sunday and doing a little service project.

We'll be picking up trash in Weinland Park where 3 of us currently live, and several others have lived over the past couple years. We'll meet at Nick's house at 3pm. We will have pickers and trash bags, but no gloves if you want those. Feel free to come when you can. We should be easy to spot.

Why do we do this? There are few acts more loving towards our neighbors than cleaning the places where they and their children live. If a community is clean, people treat it with more respect and start to respect themselves more. Also, it can be rewarding and satisfying to pick up all that broken glass and litter. If you've never done it before, it is almost meditative.

Post comments or questions- hope to see you all on Sunday!