The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

We are currently on a "break," for no particular reason, and many little reasons - mostly pertaining to life circumstances. If anyone is interested in calling a meeting, feel free to post on the blog, join the google group (see link below) and send an email, or contact either Nancy (nancykj10@yahoo.com) or Jesse (schroeder.jesse@gmail.com) for more information.

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Sunday's Discussion

We are meeting at Global Gallery in Clintonville at 3pm on Sunday January 31st. Everyone is welcome to join the discussion!!

Since nothing else has really been suggested, a quick idea - take it or leave it: I just got back from watching the movie "The Book of Eli" and it really has me thinking about the power of words, music, art, and the ideas (that word isn't big enough) that is communicated through these mediums. In short, the movie is based in a post-apocalyptic world in which few can read; there are no tv's, radios, etc; but of course plenty of weapons and fighting. The main character is traveling across the country in possession of the only remaining copy of the Bible, and there is a strong recognition that this book contains immense power - to be used for good or evil (cue dramatic music).

Anyway, I was thinking about the power of the words of the Bible - not just the dogmas or the ideas - but because the words themselves are beautiful and come from and connect with the human spirit, they are powerful - even if you couldn't really understand what they were all about. The same goes for many songs, paintings, dance, etc. There is something meaningful communicated, and it is important. We focus our societies and our culture around art like this. It has power.

So I thought that we could share parts of the Bible that mean the most for us - not in the sense that they inform our doctrine (necessarily), or that it is a "life verse" - but more that the words themselves are beautiful to you. They speak to you. They are a centering focus for your life. The Word has Power more than the weapons and powers of this world.

Along with words from the Bible, we could share songs, movie clips, stories, paintings, photos and other art that communicates this same kind of power.

Think about it; try to bring something to share or talk about; and we'll see where it goes -

Or we could talk about something else? Other ideas??


Death is part of what we do....

I was reading through a long list of tweets, clicking on various links and scrolling through random blogs, when I saw this comment from Samir Selmanovic on a post by Tony Jones -

"We are not interested in thriving. We are interested in what is real. Death is part of what we do."

That statement just floored me, and I'll be thinking about it for a few days. Especially after several cohort meetings that have felt very full of life, very promising and 'thriving,' it strikes my core to remember that "success" is not what this is all about it. It's about real life. And death is a part of real life.

I hope we can embrace the "death" in our group, as well as the "life" - whatever that may look like.


Celebration of the Faithful

Thank you all who participated in the discussion of Psalms 22 at Zack and Eve's home on Sunday. We explored David's feeling forsaken by God and the words cried out by Jesus on the cross, "My God why have you forsaken me" The subjects of lamenting and suffering brought out many new perspectives and insights and we could agree that this difficult process, when fully experienced, brings hope, praise, creativity and depth to our lives.

Next Sunday, January 24, we will gather together for Celebration of the Faithful at 4:00 at Nancy Jarosi's house in German Village. By unanimous decision the theme for this Sunday's potluck is the letter "P."

Thank you in advance for commenting to indicate if you plan to attend.


Jesus Study: Psalm 22

The Jesus Study will be at 1270 Courtland Ave. 43201
Street parking is available or we have not had any problems with people parking in the lot next to the gallery at the end of the street.

We will be reading Psalm 22 and Mark 15 together and discussing them.

I have not read the chapter relating to it in Free for all, but some of those ideas may be helpful as we look at what these verses mean to us, and the cohort as a community.


Upcoming Planning Meeting

On Monday, January 18th we will be having one of our regular "planning meetings." The purpose is to get a rough idea of weekly events for the next 3-4 months, suggest topics to discuss, and arrange who will host the various events. This allows us to follow a basic "schedule" and have a good idea of what to expect in upcoming weeks.

However, all of this planning is only based upon the input of the members of the cohort! So we would love to have input from all the various folks who have been connecting with the community in the past few months. If you are brand new, been around for a while, or even just commented on the blog, we want to hear your suggestions and try to make them happen.

So please try to make it to Adam & Kara's house on Monday evening, 6:30pm, for a quick (less than 1 hour) planning meeting. If you cannot make it that night, feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments to this post. Again, we are looking for possible discussion topics, service activities, "Celebration of the Faithful" ideas, and anyone who is willing to host gatherings.



Community Night this Sunday

We will be meeting for a community night this Sunday at 3:00 at Nancy's house. This is a great time to come together, share a meal, and share the things that are going on in our lives. The meal will be provided, but please let us know who is coming so there will be enough food. Nancy's address is: 750 Lazelle St, Columbus Oh 43206

UPDATE: We have changed the meeting location to Jesse and Kellye's house.
2406 Altenburg Ct.
Grove City, OH 43123