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Long Weekend in Hocking Hills

I double checked at the site and found that my memory of cabin costs were high.  They run in the approximate $110.00 to $120.00 range.  Availability is more open that it was when I last looked, so if we act soon we wil have a very broad choice.

I've been looking into our renting a couple of cabins in the Hocking Hills so hat the Cohort can spend some good long time together.  One of the reasons being that we are going to be having to say "Goodbye" to some of our long-time members.  It is evident that Adam and Kara and Nick will be findig new lives in other parts of the country, or even the world.  Selfishly, I want them to stay here, but I realize that I must let go and let God. 

Another reason for such a weekend would be to help us solidify and deepen our relationships so that we can grow in countless ways. 

I need to fix some dates and need to know soon, or we won't have any bookings available.  I was thinking about June 7-10.  If we have enough folks coming, it will costs us all a very reasonable amount.  The cabins are about $190.00 per night.  They can sleep six people.  (Two bedrooms and a convertable sofa.)  I am looking into the possibility of pitching tents by the cabins.  I don't mind paying a portion of the costs of the cabin.  I would prefer the privacy of my own tent because I never know for sure when and if I will be able to sleep.  It would be nice to have the bathroom and kitchen available, plus a solid roof in case it rains hard.  (Seems that whenever one plans a weekend such as this, the rain angels like to play with us.) 

Any earlier than the dates mentioned will be difficult to accomplish.  We might be able to get later dates but the cabins won't be next to each other as things stand.  So, we need to set a date and the will mean everyone telling me when would be good for them.  These are always so difficult to arrange because our lives are very different in many ways.  I'm free most of the time, so as long as I have someone to drive me, I can be there.  So, I am going to leave it up to the rest of you.  Julia suggested even going for a longer time so that people would have the opportunity to come when they can and leave with time requires it.  This could get very expensive if we rent two cabins.  We might need to consider one cabin with a couple of tents pitched round-about, so to speak. 

Here's the webpage of the cabin site map.  http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/Portals/2/parkmaps/hockinghillscottagemap.pdf

Hocking Hills webpage  http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/parks/parks/hocking/tabid/743/Default.aspx

The best availability is non-smoking and no pets.  Take a look and see what you think.  My head spins when I look at this stuff. 

Please post your ideas as soon as possible.

Br. Curt


nikkita said...

We should certainly discuss. That weekend might work for us, though our usual dog sitter might be on the trip...

Scot said...

are you saying June 7-10 meaning Fri through Mon which is 3 nights and out by mid-day Mon?

If Mary was off work we would be able to do Sat overnight.

It would be cool if we could bring our furchildren....but I know not everyone shares that perspective and doing so can drive up the cost.