The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

We are currently on a "break," for no particular reason, and many little reasons - mostly pertaining to life circumstances. If anyone is interested in calling a meeting, feel free to post on the blog, join the google group (see link below) and send an email, or contact either Nancy (nancykj10@yahoo.com) or Jesse (schroeder.jesse@gmail.com) for more information.

To receive cohort emails, join our Google group.


Shameless Plug

Hi everyone. Sorry to clutter up the blog (and yes, we already sent an email about this), but we just wanted to mention that we have set up a blog to tell everyone about our journey through Europe over the next 9 months. It should be a nice way to stay in touch and maybe even discuss some spiritual matters as we encounter Europe's version or faith. The blog is here: http://9monthsofsolitude.blogspot.com.

We miss you all!


You Are God's Beloved

God has called you by name, from the very beginning. You are his Beloved, and on you his favor rests. He molded you in the depths of the earth and knitted you together in your mother’s womb. He carved you in the palms of his hands and hid you in the shadow of his embrace. He has counted every hair on your head and guided you at every step. Where you go, he will go with you, and where you rest, he will keep watch. He will give you food that will satisfy all your hunger and drink that will quench all your thirst. He will not hide his face from you. You belong to him. Wherever you are, he will be. Nothing will ever separate you from him.

Jesus Christ, his only son, gave his life for you. Just like his life was taken, blessed, broken and given on behalf of your sin, your life is taken, blessed, broken and given to the glory of God the Father.

You are chosen.

Receive the blessing of the Father.

Rejoice in sharing in the sufferings of the Son.

And be free to give your life in service to others.


Celebration of the Faithful this Sunday

The Celebration of the Faithful this week will be at Zack and Eve's formerly Nick and Jane's place at 1270 Courtland Ave we will be eating a meal together the theme is Mexican food. Please post a comment with what you are bringing. We'll start at 6:00pm.