The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

We are currently on a "break," for no particular reason, and many little reasons - mostly pertaining to life circumstances. If anyone is interested in calling a meeting, feel free to post on the blog, join the google group (see link below) and send an email, or contact either Nancy (nancykj10@yahoo.com) or Jesse (schroeder.jesse@gmail.com) for more information.

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Sunday Night (3/27)

I had a great time with the Cohort Sunday night.  We shared some very important personal situations and are praying for a good resolution to all of them.  It is good to know what God is doing in our lives. 

We had some good eats, too.  Good beer.  Good wine.  Good friends.  What more could we want? 

We discussed having a book study.  I believe we  decided to make the book Brian McLaren's "Finding Our Way Again".  I'd like to know how many want to participate in it and what kind of format we want.  Shall we make it a blog conversation?  Or, would it be better to pick a time every or every-other-week to have a group discussion?  If we do this, what night shall it be and at what time?  I'm the man with virtually no schedule so it's all good for me.  The book will familliarize us with some of the practices throughout the various Christian traditions that can develop us in our spiritual walk and awareness.  Probably a good thing to do, huh?  :>}  One suggestion:  This is something we could do at a coffee house.  Hmmmmmm?

All of your concerens are in my thoughts and prayers.  Love you all!  Sure miss those we haven't seen for awhile. 


This Sunday: Community Night

This Sunday, March 27th, we will have a "Community Night," which means a time for each person to share whatever thoughts, feelings, events, or challenges they have experienced lately. We will meet at Nick's house at 5pm.

This will be a potluck - so please put in the comment section what item you will be bring.


Crazy little church

I googled "crazy little church columbus ohio" on a lark, and guess where it took me? Right, here.

I miss you guys. :(



Brian MacLaren is the real thing!

I hope I don't drive everybody crazy with posts.  I've just experienced something that I have never experienced before:  Brian MacLaren answered my inquiry about homosexuality on his blog page.  This is really a big deal to me and I wanted to share it with you.

I have grown too accustomed to either having to take a defensive position or an outight offensive position.  Being offensive has never made me feel very good, but I have been by churchess and politics to many times in my life to count.  Because of this, I have not been able to put my whole heart into any church or group that I have belonged to.  I have been holding my heart back with the group because it is not easy to give it all.  You all have been great and have made me feel that I am truly a part of the Cohort, not just a token Gay or something similar.  You all are the real thing and I want to say "Thanks" and "God bless you all abundantly"!   I feel like one of the most fortunate people alive, you mean that much to me. 

May we all have a blessed mission for our lives!



Cohort Book Study/Discussion?

I have been reading Brian McLaren's books like a madman!  For the most part I have truly enjoyed them and have been edified.  I've noticed his books are setup for group discussions and was wondered if the Cohort has done something like this with any of his books.  If not, would there  be an interest in doing this?  If we do chose a book to study, I would be more than happy to purchase copies for each household.

This leads me to another idea.  I am an avid "Purchaser of Books".  When I get moved into my mobile home in June, I would like to catalog the books I have and provide them to the Cohort for their edification.  I have a sister-in-law who has a masters degree in Library Science, so I shouldn't have any trouble getting them organized.  (HA HA!!)  I used to have about 500 books but a fire burned almost all of them about 30 years ago.  I've moved so many times that I have kept books to a minimum, but I plan to do much more once I am in my new home.  As it grows, I would like these books to be available to all of you. 

I also would like to know what you all think about submitting some of your own books into this library.  Everything will be carefully catelogged and lending records will be complete and accurate.  Perhaps we can ad this to a group discussion.  I will appreciate your feedback.

Br. Curt


Cartoons Talking Theology

If you haven't seen XtraNormal videos yet, this will seem very odd at first.....using computer voices and dry humor to make a point....but it does offer some interesting conversation starters -


Discussion on Worship 3.13.11

On Sunday, March 13, 2011, we will have a discussion on worship. Jesse will provide some questions to initiate the discussion, but come to share, discuss, and ask whatever you are thinking about.

We will meet at 2:30pm at the North Market in the same area upstairs. If you cannot make it but have some ideas you would love to add to the discussion, please post them here. We enjoy hearing from others in any form of contribution.

Looking forward to seeing each of you there!


Love Wins?

This video promoting Rob Bell's new book has caused quite a stir online. (BTW, note the article linked is written by our old friend Sarah Pulliam).

I know we've talked about the Heaven/Hell debate before, but I thought I'd just throw it out on here since we are supposed to be "emergent" - thoughts on this video?


And now for some shameless self promotion...

As probably all of you already know, the new band I'm in is debuting this Friday at Espresso Yourself Music Cafe on 50 West Powell rd. in Powell (thanks Scot and Mary for the connection!).

Here is a bit about the show:

Houndstooth Bindles is a brand new group playing some of your old-timey favorites, some new-timey numbers, and a bindle full of originals.

The band includes:

Nick Johnson on mandolin and stuff
Virginia Pishioneri on banjo and things
Jarod Ogier on guitar and vocal stylings
Lois Kwa on fiddle and buisness
Bill Wolfe on bass and whatnot

Come on out! We will be playing with Gary Demos at 7 pm, Bob Lyons Band at 8:30 pm, and then Houndstooth Bindles at 10.

Anyone who can tell us at the show what a bindle is gets a high five.

Cover is $4. Scot tells me they have great food. I'm going to try to be there by at least 7:30 to enjoy what look like very tasty paninis.