The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

We are currently on a "break," for no particular reason, and many little reasons - mostly pertaining to life circumstances. If anyone is interested in calling a meeting, feel free to post on the blog, join the google group (see link below) and send an email, or contact either Nancy (nancykj10@yahoo.com) or Jesse (schroeder.jesse@gmail.com) for more information.

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Community Night Sunday @ 3

Hey, folks! How about a chicken curry rice bowl? Do we have any vegetarians? I bet we can make two curries. (I've never done one of these things, so I'm not sure how it works, but we'll figure it out. ^_^)

We have a topic this time, Curiosity & Connection. Tracy & I want to share some exercises that we've learned for building awareness. And we'll practice listening to the Spirit and listening to each other.

In this Nooma video, Rob Bell talks about some of the ideas we're hoping to explore. If it doesn't work, try this video link.

And... I'd love a clue how many to cook for. I don't need an exact count, though. See ya! :)


"One Another" in the Cohort

In case you didn't know, I really like our little cohort. I enjoy our meetings, I genuinely like (and love) the people who come to the meetings every week, and I get excited about the things we are doing. Sometimes its hard for me to put into words exactly what I think is so exciting about it all, but I just read a selection of an interview with Rob Bell on Out of Ur, and I think some of things he says describe exactly what we are doing. (Note: He is specifically responding to questions about the potential of video preaching in mega/satellite churches)

"In the New Testament, there are 43 "one another" passages, and during a Sunday morning service you might be able to practice three or four of them. And as the service gets large, you can probably do fewer. A massive group setting is also dangerous. You can come, sit, listen, and go home and think, I've been to church, even if you haven't practiced any "one anothers." And with video that only gets more intense. I'm not sure that's the direction we want to be heading.

We want to be calling people to deep bonds of solidarity with one another. We may gather in a massive group, but from the stage I often say, "This is just a church service. Church is actually about caring for one another, and serving one another, and speaking truth to one another in love. Don't get the two confused."

Question (from interviewer): The evidence suggests that video can have a fast and broad impact. So what's the alternative?

There is something more powerful than simply beaming yourself into other locations, and that is raising up disciples. Over time that will go farther and faster, but right now it will be more work and slower. ... there is a longer view that says, what if instead of beaming video to those ten locations, we train ten people who can go there and lead? That's a very basic question that should be in the mix somewhere....It's important to create a circle of trusting, loving people around you who will tell you the truth no matter what. They can help you think rightly about the criticism and keep you balanced.

There are times when I wonder about how "small" the cohort is, and perhaps wonder if it really "counts" as "church." But Rob is right on when he says "church is about caring, serving and speaking truth to one another in love." It's true that our group is much smaller than what many people would consider a "successful" church, and we move pretty slowly too. But I agree that it is really important to take a long view. I get excited when I think about the impact that the people connected to the cohort will have in our neighborhoods around the world: Cambodia; Austria; France; Guatemala; east side Columbus; Louisiana Tech; under the bridges downtown; Ohio Wesleyan University; FedEx and Honda; Ohio State University; and just walking around the streets of Columbus.

We meet small, but we impact big.

We come together in deep and significant ways so that we can go out and love the same way.

And I certainly agree that it is important to have a circle of "loving, trusting people who tell you the truth no matter what and keep you balanced." There have been significant moments where the people in the cohort - my friends - have spoken to me this way, and I'm grateful. My hope is that by sharing with everyone what I see happening in our midst, you too can be excited, and can continue to live into and experience this very special and very powerful expression of the church that is happening right in our midst.


game night

Stuff Mary Queen of Scot wants you to know:

The 5 pm start time MEANS dinner... "just snacks wont cut it" (she cracks me up haha)

She is preparing Chili (Cincinnati style, think Skyline), chili dogs and cheesecake. Ice tea, beer and wine will be available.

Suggestions: a salad or garlic bread would be "ideal" compliments. Feel free to bring any snacks or beverage you care to. You don't have to bring anything...she is just trying to be in control of what she perceives to be her world...again.

Please r.s.v.p. with what you will bring and how many are coming so we can have enough leftovers so Scot can have some in his lunches this coming week :)

love to all


Are we Missional instead of Emergent??

Hi everyone -

Just glanced over a quick post on David Fitch's really good blog. He lists 8 things you would notice about a missional church. I think that we would have at least 6 of these. So, I just thought I'd throw it out there, are we more missional than emergent? Does it even matter?

I, for one, am not too concerned with how we define ourselves. Although I think definitions are interesting in the larger conversation because they demonstrate what people and groups are trying to achieve together. Also, there has been much conversation lately amongst the blogosphere about the so-called "death" of emergent in 2010.

So, although I'm asking the question, I don't think it's that big a deal - just something interesting.

Anyway, here's the short list, but please check out the post for the full info:
  1. No single dominating leader or pastor
  2. Service isn't produced
  3. Not many strangers at the gathering
  4. Socio and economic diversity
  5. Sunday morning greeters
  6. The "sending out" or "benediction" is an important part of the gathering
  7. Participatory gathering
  8. Ethnic diversity


"...treads Adam's dance backward..."

I was struck this morning by that phrase as it evoked a number of images that resonated with me. What a cool way to describe or paint what life is about for me now. dance=expression performed and observed/lived out moment by moment in the everyday.... tread=deliberate, calculated? as opposed to blind stumbling, but my, even with calculation stumbling and bumbling does attend my way...Adam=an abiding awareness orienting me to the reality that something went wrong and it's hit very close to home...and speaking of "home"...backward=journey/voyage/long trip, process with a portion of ground to be covered today (baby steps)...

So if anyone is looking for me I'll be slowly moving back to a beautiful garden I've somehow never known but yet I call it home. No doubt I'll look pretty silly retracing (backwards) missteps and footfalls of my rebellious (and very familiar) relative. But not to worry as I have a partner in this dance who has some really great moves! It's as if the music I'm trying to move to is coming from that partner...almost like it is emanating from them. That's very comforting as I'm rhythmically challenged when it comes to spiritual choreography and there is this tune in my head that I just can't shake.

I think that phrase did something poetic in me. Just felt like sharing.

love to all,


Community Night Feb 7th 3pm

Eve, and I will be hosting Community Night on Feb 7th at 3:00pm that way we can be done in time for the super bowl.
We will have tea, and snacks so nobody needs to bring anything.
We will probably not be watching the super bowl so if anyone wants to stay afterward to hang out, and go for a winter wonder walk, or rent a movie or something you are welcome to.

Here's directions to our house again: 1270 Courtland Ave. 43201