The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

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Back from EMC

Hey everyone! We've made it back safe and only a little damp from Goshen. It was a blessed weekend in many ways, with exciting opportunities opened up, challenging conversations, and new books to read. Most of all, I think the members of our cohort genuinely enjoyed spending time together, and we realized that we have something really special in Columbus! This includes all of you reading this right now, and I'd love to invite everyone (whether you came to the conference or not) into the conversation of how our cohort can continue to live out God's call for us in Columbus. For now, here are some pictures, and look for more blogs about the conference to come this week.

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Jane Johnson said...

Thanks for the wonderful summation and slideshow, Jesse. I also got the impression that our cohort is closer and strengthened after this weekend.

At the conference we spent three sessions hearing from Brian about the major problems in the world today and how to combat them. He encouraged us to commit to pragmatic ways of changing our world in the final session. It's amazing how quickly the brightest flames in our hearts fade, so I wanted to encourage everyone who went to act quickly on your pledges. We learned about the website, www.betterworldshopper.org, which rates lots of companies on treatment of the environment, animals, workers, etc. I visited it today and was surprised to learn of which companies did poorly and also of some that did well but don't have a reputation for sustainability.

One other thing I wanted to say about the conference was that it was Christ-centered. I get so tired of hearing criticisms of McLaren and emergenters as pantheistic, pluralist, new age, because it's simply not true. What is refreshing about this conference is that McLaren's solutions to global crises are not just to do better or to accept everyone as ok, but to examine the gospels for guidance. He believes, and I believe too, that Jesus not only has answers but cared about the here-and-now in a way that affronted the religious teachers of his day. Although we are responsible for going out and doing good works, Jesus in our lives and in his teachings is the glue that holds it all together and causes success.