The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

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Super-fun! cookout plans

Sorry to bump your far more important posts down a bit Andrew, but we need to coordinate food for this weekend. We'll have the grill running, so feel free to bring grill type things - and you can be creative. If anyone finds a good pineapple I really like grilling pineapple. Also, if some people can bring drinks and chips and what not that would be good. So, please post what you plan on bringing (or buying at the Kroger in front of our house at 3:55). Also, feel free to invite your friends!


NancyJ said...

Mike and I will plan to bring cole slaw, beer and something for the grill.

Looking forward to it!

Nick Johnson said...

I'm not sure if I said it, but we'll have some brats and hopefully some corn or something.

Noel said...

I'll bring my famous italian potatoes!

Andrew said...

i will likely bring some yet to be determined food from my family's picnic: whatever i can get my hands on.

Nick Johnson said...

We'll also have some corn because it was on sale.

Greg said...

Chips and dip