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Hungry for Justice - Part 2

The daily readings have been seriously challenging to me. I just wanted to share a few quotes that stuck out to me and that I have been mulling over throughout the day, and then ask for responses of others. What ideas, concepts, Scripture passages, quotes have been significant to you? How do you see our community being shaped, "converted," brought into God's kingdom and being an agent that brings about God's kingdom?


"No longer preoccupied with out private lives, we are engaged in a vocation for the world."
"Conversion is ultimately dying to self and becoming part of something that is larger than any of us."
"Through it all, the most profound change is finally the most simple: discovering the meaning of love."
I have noticed a distinct difference between how I have always conceived of "church" - joining an organization with which I agree in order to receive the spiritual services I crave - to a new understanding of joining God's kingdom. As Jim Wallis says, "the beginning of active solidarity with the purposes of the kingdom of God in the world..." I can no longer be concerned with my needs above all, but have to always ask the question, what is God doing in the world? How can I join alongside?

I think those are powerful questions for our cohort to explore, attempt to answer, and try to fulfill in our lives and our community.

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NancyJ said...

I have thought a lot about our discussions and blogs regarding the subject of what it means to be called Christian. Does my life depict a mere caricature or does my character truly reflect what it means to be called by that name?

I thought about Jesse’s recent post about those who choose only to watch popular Christian movies or read only Christian books. Have they become lazy, asleep? Or are they simply doing the best they can with all they know?

And why have I been awakened now at this time in my life?

The radical difference between who I was and who I am seems to stem from my willingness to surrender everything. ( Jesse’s quote, “to die to self.”)

It is profound change. It has literally become impossible for me to do anything less than enter into other’s suffering and lives despite risk of being too much, not enough or doing something wrong. When I enter in, not only does God’s love change, but I am changed within this process as well.

I can’t answer the question of why I have been allowed to become awakened. But I do absolutely agree with Jesse that these are powerful questions to be explored by the cohort and without a doubt will fulfill our lives and engage us in the world. I am grateful to be a part.