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Wilderness Encounter

Here is a link to the reading by Kate Huey from yesterday, the first Sunday of Lent and our monthly Celebration of the Faithful. This is published by the United Church of Christ from the link below:

Wilderness Encounter

I know we didn't really get a chance to discuss much of it yesterday and that a first reading (or listening) can be difficult to ingest much less digest. Maybe thoughts could be posted here. I appreciated several moments of her Reflection that I I'll highlight here seemed especially relevent for navigating 21st century Christ following:

They (Christians) no longer distinguished themselves by their bold love for one another. (Bible Swords for fighting)

That hollowness we sometimes feel is not a sign of something gone wrong. It is the holy of holies inside of us, the uncluttered room of the Lord our God. Nothing on earth can fill it, but that does not stop us from trying. (Then fall into pointing out in others why their method of filling is sin while ours is not)

If you really are a Christian, shouldn't you be happier, healthier, richer, safer? (Americanized Capitilist Christianity, donate now!)

Perhaps that is the best way for us to approach Lent: as "a reflective examining of the inner places of the soul." (Done maybe through music, dance, art and nature)

Like I said, I'm learning a lot about the Lenten season and would love to hear more about what and why you're sacrificing, fasting or reading. I love her closing idea of not making our ministry narrow, or rather, not falling into the temptation of limiting Christ's work in our lives, in our cohort or in our community.

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Jesse said...

I found this 40-day Lenten devotional on an Emergent Nazarene website. The title caught my eye.

I haven't read any of it, but thought I would post the link for anyone interested. It is in .pdf format.