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Which Theologian Are You?

Here's a thought-provoking quiz I found in the forums of the ikon website.  (I wonder how hard it would be to create our own message board someday.)  According to the quiz, my answers most aligned with Anselm.   Hmmm...  With whom does everyone else line up?


Jesse said...

I was most akin to Jurgen Moltmann, which I can be satisfied with. Although, I am 60% aligned with John Calvin.....

My results:

Jürgen Moltmann 67%
John Calvin 60%
Charles Finney 53%
Anselm 53%
Augustine 47%
Friedrich Schleiermacher 47%
Martin Luther 40%
Jonathan Edwards 33%
Paul Tillich 33%
Karl Barth 20%

Andrew said...

I ended up with a tie of 67% Calvin and 67% Anselm. Amazing how deep the roots of our upbringing are.

Kate Murray said...

I am also most like Jürgen Moltmann. That isn't terribly surprising to me though... most of my theology here at Trinity has been formed by a Theology of Hope and Moltmann.

My results as well:

Jürgen Moltmann 73%
Martin Luther 67%
John Calvin 60%
Anselm 53%
Paul Tillich 33%
Charles Finney 27%
Friedrich Schleiermacher 27%
Karl Barth 27%
Augustine 20%
Jonathan Edwards 13%

Nick Johnson said...

Sweet Greg, that was fun. I was closest to Augustine, which I'm pretty happy with since I've heard of him. Who is Anslem? And is Jonathon Edwards the one-time presidental candidate.

Augustine 67%
Anselm 60%
Friedrich Schleiermacher 60%
Charles Finney 60%
John Calvin 53%
Jürgen Moltmann 47%
Paul Tillich 40%
Karl Barth 40%
Martin Luther 40%
Jonathan Edwards 33%

Jane Johnson said...

When I read the short description of Schleiermacher provided in the quiz's results, I was quite happy, because he emphasizes human experience in faith. This apparently also means that I love liberal theology, which is interesting, because I don't believe I've ever read any of it. I'm noticing how high Calvin is on most of our lists, which strikes me as odd. I looked at his bio on Wikipedia, and most of it I didn't like. Does anyone know why he might resonate so strongly with emergents?

Friedrich Schleiermacher 67%
John Calvin 60%
Charles Finney 60%
Augustine 53%
Jürgen Moltmann 40%
Paul Tillich 40%
Anselm 33%
Karl Barth 33%
Martin Luther 27%
Jonathan Edwards 27%

Greg said...

Good point about Calvin, Jane. Below are my complete results. I'm feeling confident about Anselm--I've taken the quiz three times, and he continues to be first!

Anselm 87%
John Calvin 67%
Charles Finney 53%
Martin Luther 47%
Karl Barth 47%
Augustine 40%
Jürgen Moltmann 40%
Friedrich Schleiermacher 33%
Paul Tillich 27%
Jonathan Edwards 13%

Jesse said...

Jane -

I'd guess some of the aspects of God's sovereignty are the points on the quiz that are giving Calvin a high result. Also, Calvin's thinking is deeply entrenched in Baptist, Reformed, Presbyterian thought - and is not far off from Lutheran, Catholic and Anglican thought.

Really only someone from a strong Methodist/Nazarene/Anabaptist background would have Calvin low on their list, and I think the quiz is a bit biased toward Calvin. The statements are vague enough that most people would agree with something like "God's sovereignty is an important aspect of Christian theology" - but this doesn't mean they would believe in something like double-predestination, or maybe even predestination at all (which notice that word isn't mentioned on the quiz at all, but is one of Calvin's most well-known doctrines)

This is a fun quiz! Thanks again Greg!

Zack said...

Well I was Anselm also. I don't have the complete breakdown but I think he was like 80%