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Into Great Silence

Julie mentioned this movie last week, and I found some online info about it. I would be very interested in watching this film and discussing it with others. I have been reading a lot of Thomas Merton since this summer, and the monastic life is richly fascinating to me. The documentary is 3 hours long, so we may need to set aside a night different from the regular cohort meeting, but we can talk about that later. Anyone else interested?

Anyway - here are some links:

Production Company Website

Official Film Website (english)


By the way - we now have a copy of the DVD, so if anyone would like to borrow it, just let me (Jesse) know!


Greg said...

Thanks for the video link, Jesse. What a fascinating idea for a documentary! I'm certainly interested in viewing the film, and am happy to pitch in for the cost of buying it.

Jesse said...

More info about Carthusian monks here: