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The Inaugural Super-Fun Night

Bring Your Own Board Game 
7-11pm, Sunday, January 27th

I know about 10-15 of my friends are planning to show up.  If you know of others planning to attend, please comment so that we can plan accordingly.  Any ideas for food/drinks?  Also, does anyone have access to a few card tables?  I made the executive decision to extend the event for a couple more hours; obviously, feel free to stay or leave when you need.  And finally, see the comments on the previous blog for further discussion of some ideas for Sunday. 


Jesse said...

I can bring a card table as well a four chairs. We'll also make a modest contribution to the food/snacks.

And I for one would like to encourage everyone to break out the old-school, super-cheesy board games - Zack, if you can find "The Omega Code" (or was that a bad Christian movie? I get them confused.....) - and if anyone can find an old version of "Mall Madness" - - we'll bring the "Twister!!" haha

Andrew said...

I'd love to go retro too! I think that it was The Omega Virus(gack!) I might still have that... If not, I know I have the pre-MMORPG adventure game, Keys to the Kingdom. Ahh... life before pixels. I have access to a table and can try to snag some chairs.

Kristen Kuzmick said...


Let me know what I can bring in terms of food/drink. I'd be happy to grab some snacks but I don't want to duplicate what anyone else is bringing. I have a great chip dip I can bring and I can make cookies!! :) Please let me know if you need anything else.

Greg said...

Say no more, Kristin--you had me at chip dip and home-made cookies! :)
Glad you can make it!

Jesse said...

Glad you're coming Kristen!

Zack said...

The only board game left in our closet is two versions of Scrabble... looks like mom got rid of all the other ones or stored them somewhere. I can bring Dutch Blitz. Eve and I will be there and might bring 1-3 friends.

Greg said...

Dutch Blitz is awesome!

It looks like we should have around 25-30 people tomorrow. I'm going to make chili...Jesse, Nick/Jane, and Kristen are bringing some snacks...Andrew and Jesse are bringing some tables...it may be a little cramped, but hopefully a super-fun time...see everyone tomorrow.

Noel said...

I'm in for bringing some snacks! Looks like chili, chips and dip and cookies have been spoken for. Alright if I bring some veggies or something like that?

Greg said...

Perfect! Thanks, Noel!