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Let's Look at Art!!

Let's do it! Let's look at some art! And then discuss it! What fun!

That's about it. We did a discussion at the art museum a couple years ago and I quite enjoyed it. We will be discussing the role of art, so crucial to the history of faith and a primary way we understand how our brethren of the past saw God, in our spiritual lives. We'll meet at 3:00 in the lobby, then disperse to take in the newly renovated museum, and then we'll meet at 4:00...somewhere to discuss (cafe seems to now close at 3:00, but its too late to change plans...we'll figure something out). Should be fun. Plus, the museum is free on Sunday :)

This amazing image, by the way, is from Flikr's Creative Commons site. It is in Travis Hornung's album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/awfulshot/


Kellye said...

looking forward to it! Hope to see you all on Sunday. :)

Jesse said...

Me too!

Adam Newby said...

Henry can't wait to see some art!

Roger said...

We new-comers look forward to it!
Roger & Tracy

NancyJ said...

I'm coming!

Kristen Kuzmick said...

Sorry to have missed today - helping Ben prepare for his departure to Uganda. I hope you enjoyed the museum!