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Xenos Summer Institute "Pre-Discussion" - Part 2

Alright, here is question #2, as posed by Dennis in an email:

View of the cross: What are emergent thinkers saying, and what does it mean? What are the different ways of interpreting the cross, and how wide are the differences between newer, postmodern perspectives on the cross and more traditional understandings?

Here are a few additional resources:

- - Emergent Village has had some interesting discussion regarding atonement theories in the past months. Here is a blogpost that includes results of an "atonement theory" contest and here is a great, short podcast where Tony Jones and Mark Baker talk about atonement and the contest a bit more.

- - We have discussed this issue already on this blog and you can view the initial post by Zack and the summary of the discussion that we had at Global Gallery. Also, here is a google doc I created that has a summary of atonement theories.

So, feel free to post your response to Dennis' questions, or to pose new questions. Also, I believe this will be the topic for the next discussion at Global Gallery on Sunday July 13 (which sadly, I will miss).


Anonymous said...

The latest podcast from Emergent Village is worth listening to. It's just a 15 minute discussion between Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt about the measurement of time in relation to the resurrection.

At one point, Tony Jones says that whenever he is asked about how emergent thinkers view the cross historically, he says that he takes a step further and believes that all of history hinges on that one event. That it didn't take place at a certain time in history, but that the past and the future move toward that event. It's a great discussion on the perplexity of time.

Greg Lyons said...

Any podcast that highlights the best television show on the planet ("Lost") is worth the time of day imho. :)