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Thank you Dennis & Xenos!

I just wanted to write a quick note to anyone from Xenos who may visit our blog over the next few days to say "thanks." I felt very welcome, very loved, and the treatment I received as a guest speaker was fantastic. Our breakout session assistant, Jody was so nice; the sound guys did a great job, and Dennis was very kind during our discussion. Furthermore, many people welcomed us after the session, thanked us for being there, were appreciative of our thoughts, and invited us to hang out later. One woman even gave me a few bags of Skittles! How great!

Over the next few weeks we will certainly be unpacking the conversation and highlighting points of disagreement. I will admit that it was tough to sit through some of the sessions as a person who greatly values the emergent conversation. However, I really believe our particular session honored God and showed the love of Jesus in a real way. For me, it was a good example of how people with very different opinions about truth, God and religion can come together, share the beliefs that they hold firmly, still disagree at the end, but still be friends and grow closer to God in the process.

Thanks again Xenos! As always, you are all invited to any one of our gatherings or to post on this blog. We love to have you share your thoughts on any topic, even if they are distinctly different from our own.


Jesse Schroeder


Dennis said...

Your've very welcome Jesse and Noel. I appreciated your willingness to stand fire for your views in the way you did, and I thought the discussion was helpful. I've heard from a lot of people that they enjoyed it intensely.

Anonymous said...

I echo Jesse's thankfulness in the kind way we were invited to be a part of the conference. Dennis could have just as easily let the issue pass, but instead responded positively to Nick's idea. Thank you Dennis, and thank you to those of you who heard what Jesse and Noel had to say.

Matt Weisgarber said...

Jesse, I would be very interested in coming to your meeting to listen in and talk about eachothers views. I saw this week is a going away party. would it be approprite for a person who has never met her to come? or should I just come next week?

Jesse said...

Hey Matt - You are welcome to come out tonight! It'd be great to hang out and talk some more. If you need more info you can check the google calendar on the main page.

Craig said...

Jesse & Noel,

It takes a great deal of courage to willingly express your beliefs in front of an audience that largely holds a differing perspective. I thought that the two of you did a very nice job. I genuinely admire your willingness to be a part of such a helpful discussion.

Jesse, I also enjoyed talking with you last Sunday at the coffee shop. I hope to see you at a philosophy meetup soon!

Nick Johnson said...

Matt - I would also add that we are all pretty much always up for meeting at a coffee shop or bar or something to talk about these issues (or really talk about anything - I can talk about baseball for hours). But I also echo Jesse that you are more than welcome to come out tonight, it's a party after all and Kristen actually told me that she would love curious or interested people come.

Craig and Dennis - thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot to us. Know that you are always more than welcome to discuss with us.

Matt Weisgarber said...

Baseball is my main point of interest other than god, Well have to meet up and talk about that as well, im off work this week so i can meet up at anytime. I didnt realize it was saturday and not sunday for that party. I am mostly booked tonight unfortunantly, ill try and stop by for an hour or so. read the darn date wrong :(

Jesse said...

Hey Matt - sorry if you tried to come by and had a hard time finding the place. I had trouble myself....Just wanted to let you know we weren't intentionally hiding out.

Since we didn't meet up tonight, please be sure to come by one of the discussion groups, or another super-fun night. Also, several of us will be at the jazz/rib fest tomorrow (Sun.)

Matt Weisgarber said...

Jazz and ribs, does that cost anything to get in? Ive got a softball game at 12:30 then pretty free till about 9. gimme a call 6143142669 ill meet up with you guys down there.

Nick Johnson said...

Matt - I actually also have a softball game at 12:30 (I'm on a Xenos team, our name is En Fuego) and then we'll get there around 4:00. It is free to get in. We will be at the riverfront amphitheater in front of cosci. My cell is 417-839-4212. We'll give you a call when we head down there. Hope to meet you soon.