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How Emergent and Mr Rogers are (or want to be) alike

I just read this article on Mr. Rogers, and I really really enjoyed it. My dream, my prayer, is that in some way I can be more like Mr. Rogers. Well, I mean, I don't need to save Public television or wear a cardigan. But you know what I mean.


Nick Johnson said...

Thank you posting this Kara, I also enjoyed that article. I wish I could maintain his morning routine. (also, Mr. Rogers was in the same music fraternity as me - Phi Mu Alpha).

jeremiah ramsey said...

He possesses a number of qualities I would strive to emulate as well.

Good article; thank you for posting it.

megan said...

Great article! I really enjoyed reading it...loved some of the anecdotes about him...the gorilla taking his shoes off, the car thieves, the limo driver, the singing subway....I could go on.