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Google Calendar instead of "Our next meeting"

Greg suggested making a google calendar to use so we could post events farther in the future then just our next meeting. What do you guys think should we use this instead of the "our next meeting" or keep both? Suggesstions? Month view, Agenda view, Tabs?
I'll invite people to be contributors to it, but I don't have everyone's e-mail so if I don't get you and you'd like to add events, let me know.


Jesse said...

Calendar looks sweet! Great ideas and work Greg and Zack. My opinion would be to still keep the "Our next meeting" heading, and just have both - it's a great addition though!

Jane Johnson said...

I agree with Jesse.

Jane Johnson said...
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Greg said...

The agenda view is cool. As another option, we could put the "about us" where the "our next meeting" is.

Greg said...

Also, since we have this new feature, let's discuss the next few weeks. Would it make sense to discuss the second question on July 13th and the third question on July 20th, ending with Super-fun on the 27th? Other ideas?

K said...

I think you can go ahead and put the next two weeks on the calendar- next week at Global Gallery and then Super Fun at Kristen's