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Super Fun Night

Hi everyone -

In case you haven't heard, Sunday night - 7pm - our house in Grove City - Super Fun "Lost" Party!!

Everyone is welcome - friends, family, neighbors and lovers. Feel free to "dress up" like your favorite "Lost" character and come ready for trivia, Dharma rations and a campfire (seriously!)

Please post on the blog if you will be bringing snacks or drinks so we can plan appropriately. Gracias.


Noel said...

So...I'm not into lost at all....but I could bring some wine or something. I don't know if that is thematically related or not. I could bring beer, or coconut milk...

Nick Johnson said...

Thanks for hosting this guys, I'm really looking forward to it. We've got some beer left over from last Friday, so we'll bring that. I'm also planning to make some dharma peanut butter that I thought we could give as a prize for the trivia contest. We'll also bring some crackers and dip or something along those lines.

Kellye said...

lets try fruit pizza again :) and maybe somores- looking forward to seeing you guys

Kara Newby said...

as per earlier discussion: orzo pasta salad thing. Just for the record, I also wanted to make peanut butter fudge today to take tomorrow and my husband said NO.

Nick Johnson said...

why did he say no? I demand fudge.