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Baptists & Global Warming

Just saw this headline on NPR and it reminded me of our discussion over dinner on Sunday.

I have enjoyed the somewhat extended discussion on prayer over the last few weeks, and I have thought that another topic we could discuss at length could be something like "Intentional Living." We could address issues of climate change, global poverty and consumerism, etc. Many of the topics would coincide with things discussed in McLaren's "Everthing Must Change" and so it could be a good lead up to the conference.

More than anything though, I think we could combine the resources of the cohort and really challenge one another to make significant changes in our lifestyles. As we've been mentioning, it is one thing to talk about "emergent ideas" as if it were a hobby that we enjoyed, and it is another thing to live as an emergent Christian. I know that even the ideas are fuzzy, so the lifestyle is even more ambiguous. Furthermore, when it comes to issues of climate change, consumerism, and the global economy, significant changes are even more difficult to achieve. However, I cannot help but feeling guilty for patting myself on the back that I recognize there are significant issues in our world, yet continuing to live my affluent American lifestyle, making little to no changes.


Greg said...

I like this idea Jesse. Pursuing "intentional living" now--before Goshen--will not only 1.) be the right thing to do (imho); but it will also 2.) give us valuable insight into some of the practical implications from this sort of lifestyle change, which we can then talk about with others at the DeepShift event.

Some of Rob Bell's comments this past Sunday at Mars Hill struck a chord with me and also relate to our discussion of questions/prayer/doubt, but they also relate to this idea of engagement that you suggest, Jesse:

"If you’re having problems with your problems, then get the problems of somebody else; and make sure they’re much bigger than yours, because then yours will seem smaller. One of the ways to battle thoughts and feelings that make no sense is to commit yourself to actually doing something with your hands. You may be deeply doubting the resurrection; but to that kid who you are tutoring, you are resurrection. You may be doubting the deepest issues of your faith, whether there is even a God; but that family who you just helped them move into their first home that doesn’t have a leaky roof and that actually has heat--you may be doubting the existence of God--but to that family they are not fuzzy on how divine you are. Our problem is we allow our despair and our thoughts and feelings to drive the bus. This is why you will endlessly hear on Sundays here and everything we do . . . [the point] is endlessly providing very practical ways for us to get involved. And sometimes people are like, 'Why are we always hearing about these very basic things that can be done?' Because for some of us, we need to go all the way back to actually doing something very simple for somebody who needs it; because our faith has gotten so lost in the theological clouds and the doubt and despair and thoughts and feelings and philosophical conundrums that we need just to bring somebody water who doesn’t have it, cause that’s what’s going to rescue us. We aren’t endlessly cooking up ways to serve and build houses and such just because we want to help them; it’s because it does something to the state of our own life."

Zack said...

dude greg that was an incredible quote.
i feel like i get lost in my own introspection and wondering about the state of my own faith and what's right or wrong to believe that i miss the point often
then i try to do something in the world and i get overwhelmed by the enormity of all the problems.

Jesse said...

Well, a small, simple thing - if anyone is interested - this Saturday I'll be hanging out w/ some kids for about 2 hours, reading books to elementary kids in the "bottoms" area - if you are interested, send me a what's what.