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Hunger Games...?

Hello everyone - 

Apologies for the late email.  I just wanted to get a feel for who is planning on coming tomorrow.  

After talking to a few of you, I've discovered that very few of us have done any of the reading/listening around the Hunger Games theme for tomorrow (especially those of us who were most interested in the theme in the first place).  

So I'm offering up some options .... 

For those of us who are planning to attend: 

a) we can meet at my place and discuss the theology of Hunger Games, as planned
b) we can meet at my place and discuss sometime else
c) if it's easier for those who are available, we can meet somewhere else (Global Gallery, Stauf's, somewhere with more adult libations, etc) and just hang out and catch up

So...if you're planning on joining tomorrow, chime on in.  



Scot said...

I confess we are not up to speed on H.G.
But we're up for faking it if need be :)
Would love to see all and catch up too!

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