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Hellbound - again

This Sunday, the 23rd we'll meet at Eve, Zack, Chris and Julia's house in Weinland Park, 4:00ish to 6:30.   Let's take another go at watching Hellbound. When Zack and I were in Cambodia this topic was what caused us to change organizations. I feel like we scoured the subject then and frankly I got tired of hurting over it so I stopped searching for concrete answers.  It'd be interesting to me to discuss this again and with a very different group.

We'll have Mexican buffet style you can help yourself to anytime.  Zack and I will provide tortillas, beans and cheese for soft tacos.  Please bring other fillings, sides or drinks (post in the comments). I would like to begin the movie at 4:30 so we have time to discuss after, so come a bit before then to chat, grab a taco and a good seat!

Kids and babies are of course always welcome to stay in the big group but we'll have our back room open as an area to play.  I've not watched the movie to know if there's any scary imagery.

See you Sunday : )



Jesse said...

Looking forward to this discussion! The movie is about 1.5 hours long. I know for Kellye and I, we can't stay much longer than 6pm. Could we either start the movie earlier, or only watch an hour segment? Just a thought. Thanks for hosting and organizing!!

Jacqui said...

I'm in the same boat as Jesse and Kellye. I've got to leave by 6 (and won't be eating, but will bring something sweet to share). I could be there a bit earlier, though, if that works for people.

Scot said...

We can do the 2 hour window of 4-6.

We can bring chicken fajita filling.

Everyone is aware Hellbound is on Netflix right? Viewing on our own and then discussing when we gather could be an option.

NancyJ said...

The question of a future Hell and eternity has me asking more questions:
who is God and
what is God capable of for eternity?

And are eternal consequences God’s way of holding the ultimate boundary—the ultimate tough love?

Does it help someone choose God if they are scared that if they don’t choose God they will go to Hell and be eternally punished?

Is this what freedom to choose and our free will ultimately allows?? The worst possible disastrous consequences of eternal punishment if we choose wrong? Do we know what we are doing when we choose wrong?

So again I ask
who is God and
what is God capable of right now right here in my present?

Aside from choosing Heaven or avoiding Hell in the future, what about now?

What do the words mean “God is with me” really mean? What does that actually look like on a daily basis? How do I live those words? And why if God is with me doesn’t the pain diminish or the sorrow lessen? And when I’m broken and I’m wounded and I hurt, what does God is with me really mean?

And how far will God go with His love? How deep and how wide? How do I know He won’t give on me when I am ready to give up on Him?

Does He still chase? Does He still believe in me? Does He still hope for my return.

And when I say with tears streaming down my face, “I am sorry for who I cannot be.” Does He weep with me. Does He forgive?

I cannot answer the question about Hell and the future of eternity but I can answer this way about the present.
"God is with me" does not mean the sorrow or the pain is less.
It means He is with me when I broken and I am wounded and I am hurt.
And how far will God go with His love? How deep and how wide?

As far and as long as deep and as wide as it takes. He will never stop loving me. He will never stop chasing. He will never stop trying. He will never stop believing in me. And yes He always hopes for my return.
And when I say, with tears streaming down my face, “I am sorry for who I cannot be.”

And then it is that point in that rawness, humility and nakedness and honesty before God...
That it is pure Grace received and as Rob Bell said, Love wins.

Eve said...

okay 4-6 it is. come a bit earlier if you'd like : ) We'll start the movie at 4:00.

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