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New Years Eve

Hey all, just wanted to give those interested a little more information on the New Year's Eve party.

Who: Anyone who has access to this blog or "belongs" to the cohort

Where: The home of Wayne and Ruth Ann Hamilton
19761 Powder Lick Rd, Raymond 43067 (about 10 miles north of Marysville)

When: Saturday, New Year's Eve, (12/31/11) 7pm

Why: To celebrate the new year over food, drink, cards, and games

How: My family will all arrive in automobiles. You may arrive in any style you feel comfortable with. Also,there will be plenty of children so don't bother with the sitter (Warning: My mother might "steal" any babies or small children as you walk in the door, but she will return them at the end of the evening). Pets are welcome as well, plenty of room to roam around on the property, and a few nooks to hide away inside the house and take a nap, if they so choose.

Fondue is on the menu. Cory and my sis will be in charge of that. Since my sis is involved the final menu probably wont be set until an hour before party is started (we are a family of procrastinators if you haven't already figured that out). I know there will be a cheese and a chocolate fondue, along with a fruit and veggie tray. Cory's planning on making an "adult" punch, there will also be, soda, beer, wine, and water to drink. If you want to make a finger food dish, by all means please do, but it is NOT a requirement. Also, there is a heated shop so if you have a tasty cigar you would like to fire up----that option is available as well.

If you want to RSVP (or you have a question) please do so by commenting. Hope to see ya.



Scot said...

thanks for this invite Matt! Unfortunately we can't make it as we're scheduled to do our annual Christmas encounter with my out of town sister that day:( Have fun!

Kellye said...

We had hoped to make it but still have family in town. Thanks again for the invite. Disappointed we can't make it, and hope you all have fun!

Jesse said...

I want to second Kellye's statement that we are bummed we can't make it. This sounds like lots of fun, and will have to mark the calendar for next year!!

Matt H said...

No problem at all guys. Hope to see you all at an upcoming planning meeting or whatever may be in store next [year} :)
Have a great new year's to all.