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Guest Blog Post: Volunteering During the Holidays

Melinda Carter contacted us and asked to be able to write a guest blog post. We were more than happy to oblige. Below is her post: 

Volunteering During the Holidays: Reflection and Giving in Columbus

As the holidays approach, there are always strong feelings of faith, love and family that seem to pervade the conversations throughout the season. In the central Ohio area, there is such rich pride taken in each city and home neighborhood for that matter. The winter season serves not only as the perfect time to celebrate the things mentioned above, but also is an excellent time to dedicate some extra resources towards volunteering, specifically with those that are homeless and underprivileged.
Taking part in chances for giving is certainly one of the most amazing opportunities during the winter time, especially with the numerous events in an area such as Columbus and other Central Ohio towns. There are also tons of great groups, churches and organizations that serve not only to give the homeless short term shelter, but also serve to fight for long term opportunities in Columbus apartments and homes for them as well. It is during the winter that food and shelter are two of the most valued things, what better way to celebrate the holidays than to help give the underprivileged the chance to have both during the season.
Those who would potentially volunteer their time have plenty of options, especially in an area such as Central Ohio where there are so many churches and organizations that serve to make a difference. Whether it’s donating simple food items or volunteering time that would be spent otherwise, every little bit helps when it comes to giving.
Having the chance to be around family also offers the opportunity to spread the message of giving during the holidays. Advocates of volunteering can help spread awareness on the importance of donating goods or services during the winter season.
Whether there’s an opportunity down at a Central Ohio church or through a community group, there are usually a constant stream of events going on that serve to help others during the holiday season. As the December carries on, a day or even a few hours of time spent lending a hand to the underprivileged can end up making a world of difference this winter.

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