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This Sunday: Stories That Compost

Date: Sunday October 10th
Time: 3:00pm
Location: Schiller Park (see below for more info)
More Info: 557-5768 (Jesse)

This Sunday we'll be doing another "composting stories" gathering. We did this for the first time in June (read a description here), and you can read the stories that came out of our gathering here.

This week I thought we would focus on the story in Genesis where Abraham is asked to sacrifice his son. We'll read the story together, talk about aspects of the story we like, aspects we don't like, questions we have about the story, and then we will each retell the story and share our "retellings" with one another.

This is a low-key, easy-engagement gathering. In the past, I've found that this practice really brings the stories to life.

We'll meet at Schiller Park in German Village. Lets meet around the north section of the park, near Reinhard Ave. Bring blankets and/or lawn chairs to plan to sit outside during the discussion. Feel free to bring any snacks to share, or games (frisbee?). The weather is supposed to be great.


Stephen Smith said...

Maimonides, the great Jewish scholar of the middle ages, considered Abraham's near sacrifice of Isaac as a failure of his faith. After all, Abraham challenged God when he delayed in giving him a son. He challenged God when Sodom and Gomorrah were doomed for destruction. And when God asks him to sacrifice his own son, he says nothing . . . I wish I could be there Sunday, but that is my busiest day. Have a great discussion.

Jesse said...

Stephen -

This is exactly the type of "story" that is so interesting to share and reflect upon. Thanks for contributing it here on the blog. We'll be sure to bring up this perspective when we discuss the story, and I'll try to post some of the stories we come up with after the discussion.

When would be a good day in the week that you could meet? We could easily change the day and time so you could hang out sometime.

Kristen Kuzmick said...

Sadly, won't be joining today. Lots to do at home, but enjoy the beautiful day!

Adam Newby said...

In my composted story, I give Sarah a voice.

Abraham and Isaac return home. Abraham enters the tent that he and Sarah share ...
Sarah: Where have you and Isaac been?
Abraham: God told me to sacrifice Isaac.
S: What!?
A: Don't worry. Obviously it didn't happen. God provided.
S: And what if He hand't?
A: Then God's will would have been done.
S: You mean what you thought was God's will. I can't believe you didn't discuss this with me! He's my son, too.
A: I did what God told me.
S: So NOW you do whatever God tells you with no questions?! You had no problem wrestling with God over the lives of the people of Sodom, a city full of wicked people. But you won't wrestle with God over the life of your very son!? What did Melchizedek think of this?
A: I didn't consult him, either?
S: What?! He is the priest of God Most High! Why not consult him?
A: I did the right thing.
S: I disagree.

Sarah disagreed until her death, five verses later.