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Restoring Evangelical Civility

The podcast from Krista Tippet this week has many connections to our conversations over the past few weeks, and the things Samir discussed. I'm just listening to it today, and will try to expand on this post later this weekend but just wanted to recommend it to everyone.

Here is the link:



NancyJ said...

Thanks for sharing this Jesse. I too have been thinking a lot about what Samir shared. I am currently reading a book about three women of faith, Christian, Muslim and Jew and how they discover each other through their differences and common ground.

There were many ideas that stood out to me on this podcast--treating others with respect and gentleness, finding and honoring the common life that we share.

I am trying to become a better listener. Instead of thinking of the next idea I want to contribute, I listen for themes, motivations behind the words. I incorporate ego and the insecurities in all that is being said. I try to listen with compassion and great interest and understanding. I try to build (or rebuild) trust.

Then I try to use discernment on what I say in return.

My greatest source for practicing this?

My husband.

Then my daughters.

Then my brothers and mother.

Then my neighbors.

Then my coworkers and friends.

And if I practice in all of these places, maybe eventually I will be able to offer others something more than words and more than listening.

Jesse said...

Thanks for commenting Nancy - I'm glad you were able to listen to it. I've wanted to go back and write down some of the quotes I liked, but haven't had a chance.

You described how to you try to be a better listener...build trust...use discernment...etc., with the people in your life. I hope that the cohort can be a place where you can practice this as well.

What is the book you are reading?

NancyJ said...

The book is called "The Faith Club A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew. Three women search for understanding."

They live in New York and each tell their experience of and how they were affected by 9/11.