The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

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New Worship Songs

Sometimes I want to sing with the cohort. I love singing. I love music. I love to be able to put feelings and longings into words and melody.

But most of the typical Christian worship songs don't really fit with the longings and feelings of our group. So I often hesitate to sing together.

I found a couple of new good songs today that I think connect a little bit more with our group. I played the first one on the stereo, and I tried to sing the second one with the group today, but forgot how the chorus went (oops :) Anyway - here are links to the songs. You can listen to the full tracks on the website.

Love can change the world

Here are my hands


Scot said...

I too enjoy singing/music. In the past those were major elements in my Spiritual life. I still relate to and take life from many songs that graced earlier legs of my voyage.

I understand and relate to the need for musical expressions that could adorn my/our current passage as well. Of course defining just where we are..."ah, there's the rub"

I checked out the two songs you linked. Second one resonates with me. I stumbled with the first one though. I totally agree with the sentiment that Love can change the world mind you. But I wouldn't be able to "worship" to a tune that assumes ideological premises I don't embrace. Specifically "wall street"=EVIL and any military action = incompatible with being a follower of Christ. The lyrics infer that my political ideology prohibits my being able to love. So again, I'm saying apolitical is the way to go:)

love to all

Jesse said...

Thanks for sharing your take on the songs Scot. As I thought about the first one "Love can change the world," I also thought that the lyrics were more "partisan." I think there is room for some interesting discussion here. For example, how are our other worship songs also partisan, but we just don't recognize it because we are so used to them? Or, do all of our worship songs have to be neutral so everyone can sing them? I'm not sure what I would say. For that song in particular, I liked the lines "listening is louder than a lecture" and "an open hand is stronger than a fist."

Anyway - you said that you also enjoy singing and music - what songs have you really loved in the past, and what do you listen to now?