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When should we hold wiki tutorial?

Hi everyone,

We need to plan a wiki training session to get our site moving. This weekend has quickly filled up, so it looks like it is a no, unless we do Sunday early afternoon. I'm hesitant about that because we've already got so much going on.

So, please post when you would like to do the planning session. I would like to make this happen by the end of next weekend because I'm afraid if we don't get started soon it will never happen. Also, during the session I would like to talk about criteria and design a visual guide for posts. A couple options are a weeknight this week or next, next Saturday afternoon, or doing it instead of a discussion next Sunday. I would like as many people there as possible because this will take all of us to work, so comment on when you think would be best. We will likely hold it at Tree of Life, or possibly where I work.

I'm excited to get started on this project...I hope everyone else is also!


Jesse said...

We could also try to record either just the audio, and/or the video or screen shots and post on the blog so people who can't make it can still learn how to post on the wiki

Anonymous said...

For me, Monday (March 2) or Wednesday (March 4) evening would be good. Next Saturday or Sunday are good for me, as well. But Kara will be out of town on Saturday.

I have no objections to doing it instead of discussion next Sunday (March 7).

Zack said...

I think we should not do it instead of a discussion with respect to the recent e-mails about this being a politcal topic.
Next Monday or Wednesday would work for me.

NancyJ said...

How long with the tutorial last, Nick? I would like to participate because I am excited about this project as well!

I agree with Adam that I would not object to doing it within the context of a Sunday discussion. Would it be possible to do the training for an hour and then have the other hour for a shorter discussion?

Zack, I really do agree with the caution regarding the tutorial replacing the discussion. But are we really going to take the direction of avoiding political topics? If so, I will understand (but will admit it's a little disappointing.)

To me, it feels the same as when we tried to decide whether we would have certain particular beliefs--we decided that wasn't a good idea.

Zack said...

Nancy, I think we should continue to have political discussions, but I think where it begins to cause problems is when it starts to cross into doing things geared towards one side. For example what if after our discussion on God and Politics before the election a group of us decided we were going to hold session on "How to campaign for McCain on Facebook" that would instantly exclude and piss off a bunch of people.
I did not realize the consumerism topic was a politically charged one, but apparently it is which I have no problem with discussing and I think that's great, but once we start advocating a certain way of doing things or thinking like we will be with the wiki site then we are no longer being open to others opinions and beliefs. We aren't offending everyone just everyone not like us... I think we should definitely go forward in making the wiki, but am conflicted about it being connected with the cohort.

NancyJ said...

You do have a valid point and I appreciate you explaining it further.

Thanks Zack.

Kara Newby said...

so...have we come up with a date or time? I'm taking a session off from pottery and debate will be over as of this weekend... so I will have all the free time a woman could want.

Zack said...

I got the official go-ahead from Tree. Are we thinking Sunday after discussion? What's the topic this week?