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Peter Rollins at Calvin College

Our friend, Peter Rollins, was recently interviewed on "Inner Compass", a television interview show from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI.

Go to the Calvin College "Inner Compass" page. The interview with Peter is #909.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'll go ahead and be the first to comment. To me, the disconnect between the interviewer and the interviewee is amazing. It's like they're speaking different languages. I don't think the interviewer even comes close to "hearing" what Rollins is saying. A good representation of postmodernity and modernity trying to converse with one another. Nonetheless, I respect the interviewer. She is respectful, and she obviously tries to engage in dialogue, even though she's not on the same page.

Greg said...

I can respect her civility as an interviewer; but I can't respect the fact that she seemingly didn't read the books (unless she's a really good pretender). Even David Letterman has the courtesy to read his interviewee's books!

NancyJ said...

I agree with Adam about the disconnect. However, I will say that the first time I read “Fidelity of Betrayal” I was overwhelmed by Peter’s philosophies. The second time I read the book, I took notes and understood it a little better. The third time I actually heard Peter at our event where I completely connected with him. Now listening to this interview (number four), I can say “yes” that’s the direction I will go.

I believe Peter’s ideas may be an acquired taste (which I have acquired).

This interview made me think once again about Chris’ words from one of the Blog replies…”But too often I think doubt is not a place where one should linger.” I loved Zack’s words as well “I'm not sure how to angle our conversations towards wonderment of God and less of intellectually dissecting how He works.”

While I believe there is a great deal of wisdom in Chris’ words regarding doubt (and maybe we will grow weary of dissecting how God works), I am convinced that it is out of this wrestling process that the wonderment of God comes.

I realize that I previously approached the truth of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection with my mind--blind faith. But in questioning every aspect and angle of these truths--even doubting them as historically factual, God has not only opened my eyes, but my whole being to Him.

It is in the wrestling with words and ideas, that I am beginning to experience the Word in a whole new way—intuitively, instinctively, physically. Something within me resonates that these are truths even as my mind cannot fully grasp them with reason and logic.

“And the Word was with God and the Word was God.” (John 1:1)

I am learning to deeply trust the One I doubted the most. I am becoming irrevocably changed. The Word is becoming alive in my whole body differently—(it is not just in my mind).

This is powerful to me. This is the wonder of God for me. This is transformation.

Jesse said...

I actually thought the interview was very even-handed, the questions were good, and Ms. Hoogstra did a great job discussing some tough topics with Rollins. It was clear she was trying to get some straight-forward answers, but that is also sort of the point of the interview, not just to agree, but to push him a little further.

Some of my favorite points: "Xians are called to believe in the resurrection but to BE/LIVE the resurrection." and then when the host asked, "How do you feel about being the leader of Emergent?" (I LOLed at that one)

The more I listen to Rollins, the more I appreciate what he is saying and I see incredible implications. I'm a lot like Nancy, that the first few times reading (while I really enjoyed the books) I was scratching my head, a good bit confused. But now, especially his descriptions of Christianity as the "re-birth" or as that which brings life, is really key. It makes me wonder what my time should be spent doing then, trying to grasp onto and define life? Or living it to the full?

Thanks Adam for posting this great link! Did anyone else notice that #903 is the "Not Emergent" guys? I'm going to watch that one next....

Jesse said...

Sorry - just wanted to throw out some other interesting videos coming out of Calvin on the emerging/ent church


Steve K. said...

Thanks for posting this link! I've put it up on the Emergent Village blog, as well.