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Faith and Doubt

In the post from 2-9-09 (Sunday Wrap-Up), we had many good comments. The topic of faith and doubt was intertwined into the conversation. While some thought that doubt was a good place to be, others thought that we should not stay there.

Our friend, Greg Newton, shares some great thoughts on faith and doubt on his blog. Greg is a part of Disciples' Fellowship in Birmingham, AL.


NancyJ said...

Thanks so much for sharing this Adam. I read it several times to really digest it. I especially appreciated the last two sentences--just unbelievably well done.

In the past as an evangelical Christian, I had plenty of certainty. But my faith was actually like thin ice--it cracked pretty easily under pressure. I didn't question and it didn't look like doubt, but as I think back, I simply didn't acknowledge it.

Now my life really looks like doubt. I question much of the time and am content to live with a lot of uncertainty. This has made my faith very alive, very deep and constantly challenging.

And I am so grateful.

Anonymous said...

I wrote some thoughts on this which I won't bother repeating here. If you want to read it, it's here:


It particular deals with the analogy of Christians being pilgrims.