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Cohort Book Study/Discussion?

I have been reading Brian McLaren's books like a madman!  For the most part I have truly enjoyed them and have been edified.  I've noticed his books are setup for group discussions and was wondered if the Cohort has done something like this with any of his books.  If not, would there  be an interest in doing this?  If we do chose a book to study, I would be more than happy to purchase copies for each household.

This leads me to another idea.  I am an avid "Purchaser of Books".  When I get moved into my mobile home in June, I would like to catalog the books I have and provide them to the Cohort for their edification.  I have a sister-in-law who has a masters degree in Library Science, so I shouldn't have any trouble getting them organized.  (HA HA!!)  I used to have about 500 books but a fire burned almost all of them about 30 years ago.  I've moved so many times that I have kept books to a minimum, but I plan to do much more once I am in my new home.  As it grows, I would like these books to be available to all of you. 

I also would like to know what you all think about submitting some of your own books into this library.  Everything will be carefully catelogged and lending records will be complete and accurate.  Perhaps we can ad this to a group discussion.  I will appreciate your feedback.

Br. Curt


Nick Johnson said...

Interesting idea about the library Curt. I have a few I would be willing to contribute I imagine. It is at least something worth pursuing, I think. Sucks to lose all those book in a fire...

To answer your other question - we have done many studies of parts of books, including some by McLaren, but few of entire books (if any, I can't recall right now). When we started up we did a lot more of that kind of thing than we do now, but I would be happy do another. Was there a particular book you had in mind?

JEsse Schroeder said...

The Only full book discussion was "Free for All" by Tim Condor, I think while you were in Europe Nick.

I would enjoy discussing one of B Macs newer books, perhaps regularly on the blog, and periodically on a Saturday or something? Just a thought.

Zack Schroeder said...

I just finished reading Love Wins via kindle for PC. This isn't the ideal way of reading books by any means, but for not having access to paper books it works, and I'd be down for reading whatever you guys decide.

B Mac has a new book Naked Spirituality that looks interesting. Also someone is going to lend me Jesus For President by Shane Claiborne. I'd also be interested in reading Strength to Love by MLKJ or The Wounded Healer by Henri Nouwen. Just ideas.

JEsse Schroeder said...

I like all those suggestions zack. Do you think Love Wins would be a good choice? we have certainly been talking about heaven and hell lots lately. It'd be great to have you in on the conversation too.

Zack Schroeder said...

I actually think Love Wins might be a bit boring for the cohort. Bell admits that it isn't anything new, and then doesn't really say anything new or make it super inspiring.

Here are some other things I've read recently on the topic that might be more appropriate for a cohort discussion:
Brian McLaren's chapter on Making Eschatology Personal remove from A New Kind of Christianity
Nik Ansel's article about Hell
This American Life: Heretics

Jesse said...

I just listened to that "TAL - Heretics" episode. Very interesting. Especially the portion about "scaring people" into salvation. Thanks for sharing it Zack.

Brother Curt said...

I should have Naked Spirituality in my hands today or tomorrow, also Love Wins. I had Secret Message of Jesus in mind. This is a new book for me, two months ago. I'm on my second read now. I am open to almost anything. Perhaps Moltman's Suffering God? Whoa boy, getting a little too deep, maybe? Anyway, the offer to purchase books for each household is still open.

Otherwise, a discussion of political, eological and other things of interest might be fun, that is as long as EVERYONE agrees with me! :>}

Brother Curt said...

I'm reading "Naked Spirituality", slowly. Not anything like I was expecting. (Not sure exactly what that was, but.....)

There's so many great things we could discuss from it. We wouldn't necessarily have to have a discussion on the whole book. We could talk about the parts that really spoke to each of us.

I signed up for NetFlix today because there were so many documentaries. I LOVE documentaries! My first films was "Lord Save Us From Our Followers", Dan Merchant and Tony Campolo. Great documentary! Anyone else seen it? I'm going to watch it again in a couple of days.

Jesse said...

I Have been reading good things about Naked Spirituality. Perhaps we could start reading/discussing after Easter?

Brother Curt said...

Sounds good to me.