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Brian MacLaren is the real thing!

I hope I don't drive everybody crazy with posts.  I've just experienced something that I have never experienced before:  Brian MacLaren answered my inquiry about homosexuality on his blog page.  This is really a big deal to me and I wanted to share it with you.

I have grown too accustomed to either having to take a defensive position or an outight offensive position.  Being offensive has never made me feel very good, but I have been by churchess and politics to many times in my life to count.  Because of this, I have not been able to put my whole heart into any church or group that I have belonged to.  I have been holding my heart back with the group because it is not easy to give it all.  You all have been great and have made me feel that I am truly a part of the Cohort, not just a token Gay or something similar.  You all are the real thing and I want to say "Thanks" and "God bless you all abundantly"!   I feel like one of the most fortunate people alive, you mean that much to me. 

May we all have a blessed mission for our lives!



Brother Curt said...

Oops! I should have check my typing before I hit the button. In the second paragraph, I meant to say that "I have been hurt by too many churches and politics". It should make sensenow.

Jesse said...

Hey Curt -

Got your voicemail and read your post, and B. Mac's response. I thought he was very thorough and right on point. So it seems that Tony C. actually wrote the section of the chapter you were asking about?

I hope that you feel that you can be yourself in the group. At least for myself, I try not to look at people as "the token gay" or "the ones with the baby" or "the PhD guy" or whatever - we just are ourselves. What we do doesn't define us, it's more about how we relate to each other. Reminds me of one of the key lessons I've taken from emergent - orthodoxy is more about believing *the right way* not believing the right things. I'm glad you are in the group, contributing all that you are!!

Apart from the whole issue you questioned B. Mac about, it is really cool that he responded so quickly. I think I mentioned this at the North Market, but we have found the Emergent community to be very accessible. It's pretty refreshing in a way.

Adam Newby said...

That is cool. I actually read that question earlier, but didn't get to the response. I'll definitely go check it out now.

I am very grateful for you, Curt. You bring so much life experience and wisdom, and you have a wonderful spirit. Thanks for gracing us with your presence.