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Celebration of the Faithful: Advent Conspiracy

Hi everyone -

Tonight (12/5), Kristen is hosting the Celebration of the Faithful at 5:30pm. We will be looking the Advent Conspiracy - a movement that began about four years ago by a few pastors who felt that the true meaning of Christmas (love, worship, excitement) was being hijacked by consumerism, business, and stress.

We will be celebrating with food and fellowship, and will be discussing the four principles of Advent Conspiracy.

If you want to come and have questions or need directions, feel free to email Kristen at kmkuzmick@gmail.com.

Hope to see everyone there!


Kristen Kuzmick said...

Hi all, I am making pulled pork sandwiches and roasted potatoes. If anyone would like to bring a side dish, salad, or drinks, that would be great!

Jesse said...

I'll bring some pretzels and beer.

Adam said...

We are bringing deviled eggs and a salad.

NancyJ said...

Hey--I'm actually still not feeling very great and am going to miss everyone tonight.


Nick Johnson said...

I'll be there, though because of my huge stack of grading will likely run to Giant Eagle before the dinner to pick up whatever we are lacking.