The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

We are currently on a "break," for no particular reason, and many little reasons - mostly pertaining to life circumstances. If anyone is interested in calling a meeting, feel free to post on the blog, join the google group (see link below) and send an email, or contact either Nancy (nancykj10@yahoo.com) or Jesse (schroeder.jesse@gmail.com) for more information.

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Report from the "Scheduling Meeting"

Hi everyone -

We had our "scheduling meeting" tonight and put some activities and gatherings on the calendar for the next few months. There's a lot of good stuff to look forward to, so please look at the cohort google calendar here or at the side of the page. Here are some highlights to let you know about:
  • We are still planning to have Samir Selmanovic come on Sunday October 3rd. More info on that soon.
  • We are looking for different meeting spots, either homes or public (such as libraries, parks, etc.). We have open dates on Oct. 10th, 30th, Nov. 7th, 21st, and Dec. 19th. Here is a link to a Google Document that describes what we plan to do on those dates, and what type of gathering location we need. Please "sign up" by responding to this email to let us know what date and location you will take.
  • Three new activities. Each of these obviously isn't for everyone, so just plug in where you are interested:
    • Beth Moore Bible Study - Any women interested should email Kellye (schroeder.kellye@gmail.com) Let her know what Beth Moore studies you have done in the past (if any), what you might be interested in, and what day of the week you might be available.
    • Some of the guys are planning to go on a three day retreat to the Orthodox Monastery in December. In preparation for that, we will try to read the book "Father Arseny: Prisoner, Priest and Spiritual Father." This was recommended by Father Joseph from the monastery. We will probably try to have a low-key hang out / discussion about this book before the retreat.
    • Guys Pizza & Poker Night - Weekday evenings, BYOB, no previous poker skills necessary. Just a chance to hang out and get to know each other a little better.
  • Finally, there is some interest in doing a "cohort cabin" excursion again (more info coming soon)
In general, this is an exciting time for the cohort. We love having everyone involved with planning discussions and gatherings, so feel free to jump in with ideas. You can comment on this post if you have a topic in mind, or send an email to any of the addresses listed on this page.

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