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Guys Monastic Retreat in December

Hi all. We've made arrangements to have a monastic retreat for the guys in December at St. Gregory Palamas eastern orthorodox monastery. The monastery is located near Wooster, Ohio and some of us (me, Nick and Jesse) went and visited there about two weeks ago to check it out and meet with the Abbot. He was very welcoming to us and we had a great time talking with him while we were there. Although I don't know much about it, Eastern Orthodox theology seems to be a really refreshing perspective on faith and the Abbot had a great way of explaining it to us.

Besides the abbot there are six or seven other monks that stay there and work and observe the different prayers throughout the day. We've arranged to stay with them from monday December 13th through wednesday December 15th, dates which are designed to be after the OSU quarter but still well before Christmas (apologies if these dates aren't so good for you!).

Although the Abbot may give a talk once or twice, the retreat won't be officially led by the monastery, i.e., we'll have the freedom to set our own agenda for free time and discussion so long as we pause to attend the prayers. If you're interested to come and you haven't already told me, please send me an e-mail at chrisorban@yahoo.com. There's no set cost -- just a donation of whatever you can or feel led to pay.

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Jesse said...

I'm really looking forward to this. I think the timing is great. Thanks for setting it up.