The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

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It's a Baby Party!!

For this week's Cohort meeting, it's a baby party! Little Henry Newby won't be here for a few months yet, but we'll meet to celebrate him anyway.

Kara & Adam want this to be about *people*, not presents. So, your presence is your presents. Heh. See what I did there?

But I happen to know that they have a really interesting gift registry at http://www.alternativegiftregistry.org/view_registry_public.php?registry_uid=4821, so if you're inclined, take a peek. But no pressure at all!!

Plans for Food: Everyone please bring an appetizer-type snack to share. Please comment to let us know you are coming, and what you might be bringing.

There will also be fun games and a blessing for Adam, Kara, and baby Henry.

Location/Time: Zack & Eve's House, 3-5 pm, Sunday April 25


Kara said...

I hope our baby is as cute as that one :)

Adam Newby said...

He'll actually be here sooner than "a few months." More like a month and 2 weeks!

Eve said...

Whoa!! a month and two short weeks! dang!!! look out

Kara said...

We actually don't know when he is going to come. He has not called in his reservations yet.

Angela Harms said...

Ok, here's our RSVP, Jesse. You know we wouldn't miss it! Well, you know, God willing and all. :)

Zack Schroeder said...

Hi guys : )

As far as food goes here is what people have signed up for:
We're bringing antipasti.
Julia and Chris: pita/hummus/dip Andrew: cold veggies

It might be nice if someone to bring a fruit dish/plate, some kind of finger sandwich, something meaty, something cheesy, drinks/punch (Z & I already have a few beers). Thanks : )


Kellye said...
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Kellye said...

regarding food items: Scot & Mary are bringing something sweet

Kellye said...

Jesse and I will bring a fruit platter and cheese and crackers to share. Looking forward to it!

Kellye said...

regarding food items: Nancy will be bringing finger sandwiches

Angela Harms said...

Sounds like a plate of cheese & crackers is what's missing? I'm up for whatever, as long as it's more grocery store and less culinary masterpiece. :)

Jesse said...

We will also bring some lemonade and another drink.