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For Angela

You were so tired last night, Angela. My heart hurt for you, and I wanted to do something to make you feel better. I would like to have given you renewed energy and physical strength.

Since I can’t give that, I offer something else instead.

On my regular morning run at Schiller park today, I saw a homeless man sitting on one of the benches. And I thought if Angela were here, she would walk up and talk to him. This is a person Angela would love. Then an idea came to me and I decided to act on it.

I went home and made him a lunch and cold ice water and went back to the park. I said, “Good morning, I made a lunch for you. Is that ok? I don’t want to offend you.” He smiled and said it was ok. He had never gotten anything like that before. His name was Daryl. He said he had some reading materials that had been given to him and that would give him something to do today. One was a watchtower newspaper and the other the Gospel of John.

After talking a while, I said good-bye and went back home. It is because of you, Angela, that I went the extra mile.

Let this act of kindness inspired by you fill your cup today and lift your spirit. It lightened my burden as well.



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Angela Harms said...

Thanks, Nancy. That made my day. I am thinking it made your day, too. :)