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The Christmas Story (The Best Part)

Last Sunday we had a wonderful time of worship and celebration at Adam and Kara’s home. It was based on Advent and we discussed not only the time of waiting, but explored the Christmas story asking the question, “What is your favorite part?”

From wondering how Mary must have felt as she was ridiculed and shamed to the emotions of Joseph, we discussed several different pieces of the story. Andrew even said that he would have loved to have been a shepherd that night.

As I sat there and listened, I realized this was one more story that I was no longer certain about. And I thought to myself... “What makes this story true instead of a myth?”

(To be honest, I will tell you I’m weary of asking the “Is this true?” question.)

Instead I want to ask:

“What am I doing to radically immerse myself in this story so that something extraordinary may come?”

In that long ago Christmas story, they were waiting for a real, live Messiah to come and literally rescue them from yet another oppressive rule—to save them from their circumstances. They wanted miracles and a happy ending.

And thinking about that, I realized how many times I too have waited to be rescued from my oppressive circumstances. I am happy ever after girl longing for fairy tale endings, wanting magic and miracles too.

I haven’t lost that happy ever after girl who believes in miracles. It’s just that I know the incredible value that comes from embracing heartaches and loss—it is the combination of all that shapes, defines and carves my character into who I am fully with God.

That same Breath of Heaven that Mary received long ago is the same Breath of Heaven conceived in my heart, my mind and my soul giving birth to pain, heartache, hope, desire for a better life, empathy and a reason to love deeply.

So what is the best part of the Christmas story for me?

All of it!

P.S. Regarding whether I think the story is true--if God can take a bee and a flower and add it up to a tomato, a virgin birth would have to be easy breezy for Him. :)

1 comment:

Zack said...

Thanks for sharing this Nancy.
It does relate a lot to what Rob Bell was talking about last night.

It's so interesting that we rarely see God RESCUING people FROM suffering, but more often REDEEMING people IN THE MIDST OF suffering.

God doesn't separate Mary, Joseph, the nation of Israel from suffering, but just shows up in a radical beautiful way.