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Post-celebration Post

Just a few things I wanted to throw down after tonight's great Celebration of the Faithful. Thanks, Zack and Eve, so much for hosting and coordinating. It was a blessed and special time.

The last song (that we didn't sing) connects with prayer, and so I thought I would share it on here. The title is "Yes and Amen," and I was thinking about the song as we were closing in prayer, and thinking about how the word "amen" is not only a word we say at the end of prayers, but is also how we live our life of faith. We live our "amens" every day, living out God's kingdom in our life and the lives around us. We pray "your kingdom come, your will be done...amen" and then we step out into the world and make it happen. Our prayers are not just empty words, but are actions that are taken in faith and accompanied by the power of God.

So I found the song on IMEEM, and embedded it below, and you can listen to it and read the words, and hopefully they will encourage you. Have a great week everyone, and know that we are all praying for one another!

Hear Your people saying yes,
Hear Your people saying yes to You.
Yes to anything you ask,
Yes to anything we're called to do.

Hear your people say amen,
Hear Your people say amen to You.
Let Your kingdom come on earth,
Let it be just like we prayed to You.

Yes and amen to everything that´s in Your heart,
Yes and amen to everything that You have planned.
We live to see Your will be done,
And see Your perfect kingdom come on earth, on the earth.

Yes and amen, we're taking up our cross for You,
Give us the strength to take these dreams and follow through.
We live to see Your will be done,
And see Your perfect kingdom come on earth, on the earth.

All the promises are yes,
All the promises are yes in You.
Every good and perfect gift,
Every blessing that we have was You.

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Eve said...

Hey thanks for adding in "Yes and Amen." The song is quite profound, making prayer/worship activate to the next steps.