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Planning Camping - Input Please

Ok - camping details as of now: Fri/Sat Oct. 31/Nov. 1 - Red Brush Cottage near Mohican St. Park and Loudenville, OH. Thank you to everyone who has paid their share thus far - almost all the money has been collected. Some things that still need to be decided/discussed:
  • Carpooling? Who is leaving/returning when? We need to let the owners know when we will arrive on Friday (no sooner than 4pm) and check out Sunday is 12pm.
  • Food? Kel and I found a great little cafe in Loudenville last time we were there. It's fairly inexpensive and would be good for at least one night out - ideas for the rest of food? Everyone bring your own snacks? One person in charge and everyone contribute $$?
  • Activities - obviously, at least one good hike in the park. Also, the cabin has a fire pit and a hot tub. But if there are any other ideas for fun games or activities, please chime in.
  • Sleeping arrangements - there are 3 beds and a few couches, so some people will need to bring a sleeping bag or air mattress.
  • Sunday Nov. 2 discussion plans? Will we cancel/postpone this meeting? Or those in Columbus still get together?
Alright- throw in your ideas so we can all know what to expect -


Jesse said...

Here are activities and suggestions Noel had:

"I can leave Friday around 6 or 630. I can drive.
I'd like to do both in regards to foods. Have one pool for meals and
then being our own sharing snacks.
Theres are plenty of amish related activities and also a go kart
track. I know quite a few shorter hikes not too far inside the park.
There is a lake we could hike to."

Nick Johnson said...

Jane and I are leaving Saturday morning around 9:00 and probably staying Saturday night (that is if we can get someone to watch and feed Mason, if we can't we'll have to come back). We will bring sleeping bags for us since we will only be one-nighters.

I vote we do not have a discussion on Sunday, but that is just one vote.

Food - is there a grocery store or market near the cabin?

We'll bring some board games and a football.

NancyJ said...

Nick and Jane, I would be happy to feed and care for Mason so you can spend the night if you like.

I would like to come for the day (either day). Is there anyone who might be planning on just going for a day only and car pooling?

Jesse said...

Ok, so regarding food, upon further reflection, we realized that if everyone eats dinner before leaving Friday night, then we have Sat. breakfast/lunch/dinner, Sun. brunch - we have to check out by noon.

So, bring your own snacks and breakfast food, and then perhaps we can all plan to contribute for the Sat. evening meal? Ideas for a joint meal, like Italian? Mexican? Hot dogs, brats and burgers?

Kara Newby said...

Hi guys, Adam and I will have to come back Sat night due to a crazy week ahead. So, Nancy, if you wanted to ride down with Nick and Jane, you are more than welcome to ride back with us. We are planning on leaving after dinner on Sat.

About food, If we did something like taco salads then everyone could be in charge of bringing something- like chips, lettuce, tom., meat, etc. Also it's really easy to make, so that's one idea.

Since we are planning on leaving on Sat, I would imagine we would have to drive, but if anyone wants to catch a ride with us we are pretty flexible as to when we can leave on Fri.

Noel said...

I think it would be really great to make something on a camp fire for dinner. I don't know if anyone has a pie iron (http://www.firepies.com/squarealum.html) but I know how to make some yummma sandwhiches in those.
We could do roasted potatoes, and "pockets" where you fill a foil pocket with veggies, meat etc and roast them. We could do all sorts of campfire food. Here is a site with some ideas (http://www.eartheasy.com/play_campfire_cooking.htm).

And, bring games and decks of cards!!!