The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

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In the next few days....

(This was sent out by our old pastor, Greg Newton. I loved it so much I decided to post here)

Love God with your whole being.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Vote your conscience (or don't vote if that's your conscience).

Accept that brothers and sisters have others ways of viewing political matters which you may never understand,
but they are still your brothers and sisters.

The Kingdom of God is much more important than even our country and its institutions.

Our hope is in the love of God.

Our identity is in Christ.

We all are sinners in need of grace.

Let us love,
be peacemakers,
cast out fear,
be humble,
keep the unity of the Spirit,
and focus on following Jesus.


Greg Lyons said...

Great words! Thanks for relaying, Kara.

Kristen Kuzmick said...

Thank you Kara. That is so encouraging to hear and helps remind me of what's important during this election -- which is easy to lose sight of with all the political drama, etc.

Enjoy camping everyone. Miss you all!!