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"The Story of the Other"

This Sunday we'll have the privilege to talk with a few people from the LowerLights ministry about their experience with the poor in Columbus. I just want to throw out a few thoughts to kinda get people thinking, and as always, feel free to bring your own questions and ideas to the table.

I was glancing back through the "Hungry for Justice" booklet that we distributed a few months ago (can you believe it's been that long since the Justice Revival?), and I stopped in week four, looking at this phrase, "The Story of the Other." I know that my experience in Columbus is very one-sided. Living in an affluent and isolated suburb, it is easy for me to experience Columbus in a way that is very different from the experience of the poor. Often when I drive down high st. or other parts of the town, I imagine that I am in a totally different city, and it's not that hard to do because the city can "feel" very different depending on what street you are on. One of the greatest realizations I had from the Justice Revival is that it is very easy to look past, or over, or even through the areas and the people of the city that I don't want to see. I don't want to face them, so I drive on I-270, speeding over the neighborhoods that are filled with people - filled with the kingdom of God.

We have thrown this question out several times before, but I think it will be a great opportunity to really reflect and challenge ourselves to come up with some kind of answer this week: "How can we as Christians really love the poor in Columbus?" Some aspects of this love have to include things like an ongoing relationship, not just a one-time hit; love from the heart that is uncomfortable and costly at times, but is genuine; love that does more than just "visits," but also identifies and sides with the person.

There are some great questions in the "Hungry for Justice" booklet - check some of these out, and come ready to be challenged on Sunday - 3pm, Global Gallery in German Village.

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