The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

We are currently on a "break," for no particular reason, and many little reasons - mostly pertaining to life circumstances. If anyone is interested in calling a meeting, feel free to post on the blog, join the google group (see link below) and send an email, or contact either Nancy (nancykj10@yahoo.com) or Jesse (schroeder.jesse@gmail.com) for more information.

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As Nick has already mentioned, our next gathering will take place at the Short North Cup O'Joe on Sunday, Jan. 6 from 7-9:00 p.m. Below are some questions we can discuss. (The numbers following the questions are the pages of "How (Not) To Speak Of God" in which each question is referenced. If anyone would like to borrow my copy of the book, please send me a message at tgom23@hotmail.com.)
  1. Does revelation mean that God is unknown? (17)
  2. Can we comfortably call ourselves atheists? (25)
  3. How do we become better affirmers of doubt? (33)
  4. Should we be ashamed that we have nothing to say to others about God? (42)
  5. Is seeking God equatable to finding God? (50)

H(N)TSOG first addresses emergent thought from a theoretical standpoint; then it offers insight into the practical outworking of an emergent community in Ireland. In the same way, perhaps our discussion could also include the following more practically-concerned questions:

  1. What does it look like to be an emergent cohort in Columbus, Ohio?
  2. By what method(s) will we work toward our goal of becoming incarnational, missional, Christ-honoring, evolving, and welcoming?
  3. What will our Celebration Of The Faithful be known for?
  4. Where should we put our money?
  5. How do we integrate the explorations of our Cohort with those of our individual churches?

Please feel free to add additional questions to either category above. Also, know that anyone is encouraged to attend our discussion irrespective of his/her familiarity with the book or its topics. I look forward to seeing everyone again. Happy New Year!


Jesse said...

Thanks for the discussion questions and reading suggestion Greg! I'm really stoked about getting into Rollins' book.

See ya guys Sun. the 6th, if not earlier!

Nick Johnson said...

Greg, your ideas look great and we're looking forward to it. Sorry we haven't been able to post much - internet has been hard to come by. We're driving back to Ohio tomorrow and we'll see you all soon.

Jesse said...

Well, I finally got into Rollins' book today, and I am loving it! I don't want to try to say too much on here, except I'm so excited to talk about the questions Greg posted.

See everyone Sunday night!