The current installment of the COEC began meeting in 2007.

We are currently on a "break," for no particular reason, and many little reasons - mostly pertaining to life circumstances. If anyone is interested in calling a meeting, feel free to post on the blog, join the google group (see link below) and send an email, or contact either Nancy (nancykj10@yahoo.com) or Jesse (schroeder.jesse@gmail.com) for more information.

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Saturday- Game Night, SUPER FUN!

Just a reminder that we will be having a game night on Sat night at 6pm at the Newbys.  I will be making pizza, and ask that you bring your favorite pizza toppings and perhaps a snack or side to share.  Dessert will be provided.  You can also bring your favorite game.  We will have a few here, but if there is one that you love to play, bring it along.  Looking forward to a great night of FUN! Please post and let me know if you are coming and what you are planning on bringing.  Hope to see you there (here). Let us know if you need directions.


Jesse said...

Kel, Aleli and I are coming - we are looking forward to it!

Adam Newby said...

Just spoke to Nick and Becky. They are coming. They are bringing punch.

Jesse said...

Forgot to mention we are bringing sausage, banana peppers and onion for the pizza.

Matt H said...
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Matt H said...

Cory and I will be there. We will stop by and pick up Curt, if he's feeling up to it. Stella will also tag along, not much of a surprise, since most of you have seen me with her more than you've seen me with Cory (an indulgence?). :) But, I am willing to share. We'll also bring a side dish along, spinach dip was mentioned, or some chips and dip, a final decision hasn't been made yet.

Looking forward to it.


nikkita said...

Ian and I will be there! We have a couple fun games we can bring too.

Scot said...

Ima be dare!