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Christian Privilege?

Many of us have probably heard of the term 'white privilege' which usually connotates that there are privileges in society- some blatant and others sometimes not as clear to those who get the privileges- that are inherent to only whites.

A recent blogger, who I assume is from Columbus because of what she says, wrote about the need for someone to write about the idea of Christian privilege. She also points to the hipster Christian movement in Columbus, which I had never really thought about until she pointed it out. Anyway, I wanted to see what you all thought about her post and if you think there is a need to write about Christian privilege, what might you say about it? Just as interesting as the post itself are the comments, though I have not read all of them. Thoughts?


NancyJ said...

Thank you for posting this Kara. I have so many thoughts on this, but will just share a couple.

I had never heard the term Hipster Christian so that in itself is interesting.

I would love to hear more of what this means for her..."I’m in an interfaith family, grew up in an interfaith family (with agnostic parents) and we celebrate Christmas and Easter so I think I carry more privilege than my compatriots."

How does she define 'carry more privilege?'

And then finally, "it’s talking about barriers to diversity and evangelism is a great big barrier that Christians who care need to know about."

Lastly I like the idea of evangelism is a barrier to diversity. That of course makes sense. But would Christians who agree with that idea still call themselves Christian?

Dawn said...

Yup, I'm from Columbus. NancyJ, I think I carry more privilege because I can pretty easily assimilate as can my kids. If we were Orthodox Jews, Muslims or Hindus that would be much more difficult. Also I think in a country with a Judeo-Christian tradition coming from the Judeo side of it is generally just easier than if I was trying to raise Sikh children seeing as how our Hebrew scriptures are one half of the bible that the majority religion studies.

You know, my first post in that was kind of a toss-off to explain why three of us were a little nervous about going to a panel (that we ended up missing because one of us showed up late and not because we were boycotting or anything) so it was surprising that it ended up being such a big discussion.