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Where do you get your news?

A few weeks ago during a discussion session, people briefly referenced the different news sources they trusted (or didn't trust). It made me wonder where everyone went to get the news - whether online, TV, print or otherwise. I thought if we shared what sources we find particularly helpful, we might find some "new news."

So - where do you get your news?


Matthew said...

I get The Week magazine (and I peruse the website, theweek.com, pretty regularly). That's where I tend to hear about the main issues.

I follow @bbcworld and @nprpolitics on Twitter, and I'll check Google News once a week or so for a few categories I've chosen specifically.

NancyJ said...

I watch CNN every day, read the Columbus Dispatch online and often read articles from MSN.com.

In the past, I have often been very angry as I watch reporters record someone's raw emotions after they have experienced a tragedy or loss.

While that is disheartening, my perspective deepened after visiting the Ohio Historical Society's display of Pulitzer Prize winning photography last year. These photographs told a story sometimes bringing awareness that would change the future, often changing the photographer who took the photograph.

When I watch the news now, I understand that it is skewed a certain way (i.e. CNN vs. Fox) and they are going for ratings after all. However, I try to remain open, curious and interested instead of cynical or disheartened.

NCB Nighly News almost always has a heartening story in the last five minutes (6:55 p.m.).

I don't ever stop looking for hope.

Nick Nelson said...

i visit the Drudge Report (www.drudgereport.com); Washington Post (http://www.washingtonpost.com/); and BBC World News(http://news.bbc.co.uk/) for daily general news. I go to the Economist (http://www.economist.com/index.html) for thoughtful balanced insight into current events. I also listen to NPR when i am in the car and sometime on the internet while i am at work.

Nick Nelson said...

I didn't know where else to post this, but going back to the consumerism discussion, some of you might find this book interesting, it is called The Divine Commodity